Merlin Motorsport have some great winter project ideas with which to tempt you and they reckon their exhaust packing and wrapping products are a good start.

They have several materials available from stock.

E-Glass – this exhaust-packing material is supplied by square metre sheets, which is enough for one 15in silencer, with two sheets needed for bigger items. It costs £16.88 inc VAT per sheet or a 25-metre roll offering maximum value costs £202.51 inc VAT.

Basalt – for applications where E-Glass is not suitable because of higher temperatures, wire wool may be needed to reduce the amount of losses through perforated tubing. Merlin’s Basalt Exhaust Packing material is sold in 15kg bags at £81 inc VAT.

Stainless Steel Wire Wool – this is used to wrap perforated tube in re-packable exhaust silencers. This product slows down the rate at which E-Glass or Basalt is removed from the silencer.

It’s not normally used in conjunction with E-Glass but almost essential with basalt. A 1kg bag (roll) is approximately 19-metres long by 130mm wide. Manufactured from 438-grade stainless steel and costs £37.18 inc VAT.

For more information visit or get them at the other end of 01249 782 101 ENDS.