We’ve all been there, dashing to a meeting last minute, on the school-run or heading to the airport, when a flat tyre strikes. Getting a flat tyre can be anything from a mild irritation to downright dangerous if you are on a motorway.  

However, try adding to that equation – a dark rainy night, kids in the car or a young, newly passed driver behind the wheel, and you have the stuff of nightmares.

No one can avoid flat tyres, but you can prepare yourself and your family so that when the inevitable strikes, you are only 90-seconds away from a solution. Tyreweld Emergency Car Tyre Repair.

As you drive, the foam finds and seals the puncture, so you can get off the roadside and to a garage for full repair.  Tyreweld is the hassle-free way of getting you back on the road quickly and safely. The maker’s, Holts, say it won’t damage tyres and washes out safely and easily after use. One little can, stashed in the boot, can provide massive peace of mind  

It is available nationwide, at Halfords, Tesco, Asda, Wilko, B&Q and Homebase for RRP £7 for a 400ml can ENDS.