Owners of MG TFs and cars using the same key fob remote transmitter be interested to hear that XPart has addressed the issue of buying new replacements, which are now scarce by finding a supplier with the expertise to manufacture the plastic casing, rubber switch moulding and printed circuit board.

Once they’d found the right partner, XPart invested in new tooling for the assembly of the component parts resulting in a UK-made replacement with an updated circuit board that uses less power.

The fob comes with both Rover (25 and ZR) and MG badges for the owner to unpeel and apply. Part number YWX0003604 retails at £106.25 inc VAT.

The earlier fob, as used by the MGF (5AS system) has also now been re-manufactured by XPart and future supply assured. Part number YWX 101220A retails at £47.99 inc VAT.

More information from www.xpart.com ENDS.