Popped in to see RoadRunner Racing in Brough, East Yorkshire this week and was really pleased to see that although the Mazda MX-5-based SR2 manufacturers have had a very tough two-years, they are recovering from a huge factory fire and the company has always been trading there’s a new enthusiasm about the place.

The excellent Lotus Seven-inspired SR2 remains available and RoadRunner boss, Mike Longstaff and his team are busy building a new demonstrator, while they are also on with demo versions of the Le Mans-style LM1 (bike power) and the single-seater SR1, which the company now own the rights to.

The latter was my first experience of a single-seater that I drove at Snetterton many years ago and I couldn’t believe how it performed and handled. I also remember feeling that I was going far too fast for an approaching corner only to brake and then find I had to accelerate into the bend!

RoadRunner has now converted the SR1 to Mazda MX-5 mechanicals too, incidentally.

If that wasn’t enough the company is also busy building a couple of MEV Replicars for customers.

For more information contact www.roadrunnerracing.net ENDS.