In performance cars fuel starvation can be an issue when high lateral-G forces in extreme cornering or vehicle angle conditions uncover the in-tank fuel pump or fuel pickup. This is problem is compounded if you use a factory fuel tank that is not baffled properly for the conditions.

FiTech’s HyperFuel Single Pump G-Surge Tank is an external unit that features one or two 340 LPH electric pumps fitted in a tank connected to your existing fuel system. Because the G-Surge tank gets a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system (and the fuel return line if using EFI), the pumps are always covered and circulating fuel.

Since the G-surge is constantly circulating fuel through the system, your existing in-tank fuel pump or pickup is always submerged in fuel, eliminating fuel starvation. The G-surge is also a great way to provide additional fuel volume when adding a power adder such as a turbo, supercharger, or nitrous.


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