Mini Spares has announced that it can now offer high quality windscreen rubber seals for the front and rear windows of Classic Mini saloons and kitcars that use Mini windscreens.

CZH1719MS – Genuine Mini Spares rubber windscreen seal for all Minis 1959-1991. £10.73 inc VAT.

CCB10011MS – Genuine Mini Spares rubber windscreen seal as fitted to Minis 1990-Onwards (these have the extra lip to help avoid leaks and give a cleaner edge). £19.40 inc VAT.

JRC2674 – Genuine Mini Spares Mk2 onwards rear rubber windscreen seal suitable for both plain and heated rear screens. £11.16 inc VAT.

14A8744 – Genuine Mini Spares Mk1 type rear rubber windscreen seal. £13.80 inc VAT.

The correct way to fit a Mini windscreen seal is to fit it to the aperture on the vehicle and then fit the glass into it and carefully work around with plastic glass tools. This ensures that the seal is correctly seated on both the body and the glass and is the opposite of the more common method of fitting the rubber to the glass first.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.