This new product from Burlen could be a game-changer as it brings fuel injection capability to SU carburettors, following hot on the heels of Jenvey’s Heritage Throttle Bodies designed around Weber DCOE-style carbs.

Loads of kitcars are running around on the good old Skinners Union set-up and this new product looks completely stock until you have a poke about and look inside and find a very clever and complex fuel injection device that Burlen say will transform performance and emissions.

Oooh I say …

The Salisbury-based company has been working on the ‘SUi’ as it’s called for four years and will supply the set-up as a complete package also including ECU, sensors and wiring.

The first engine to benefit from this is the Jaguar XK 4.2-litre straight six engine although other applications will follow.

Prices have yet to be announced but in the meantime visit or 01722 412 500 ENDS.