Valeo Service UK has launched HydroConnect™, a new wiper blade range providing 96 per cent OE flatblade car parc coverage with just 42 part numbers.

HydroConnect™ is made up of three different product ranges: HydroConnect Front™ specially designed for vehicles originally fitted with front flat blades, HydroConnect Rear™ made for vehicles originally fitted with rear flat blades, and also HydroConnect Upgrade™, introduced for vehicles originally fitted with conventional front blades.

The new flat blade uses pioneering multi-connection technology ensuring the HydroConnect Front™ fits 12 types of front arms and the Hydro Connect Rear™ fits six types of arms, both with just three connectors.

The wipers offer the added benefit of easy fitting with Valeo’s Easy-Clic® system allowing the upgrade of a conventional blade to their flatblade technology in a quick and simple process.

The new HydroConnect™ branding features QR codes linking to videos, fitting instructions, diagnosis, tips and more with lots of information at ENDS.