Back in 1985, Lee Noble caused quite a stir when he launched his World Endurance Carinspired Ultima Mk1 on an unsuspecting kitcar world. He soon followed it up with his interpretation of the legendary 330 P4, arguably one of the top three Italian exotics ever produced.

The Noble P4 marketed by Lee’s Kitdeal company sold around 150 of the kits before he shelved the project eventually selling it to Deon in 1992. In 1995 the project moved again to Neil Foreman of NF Autos, originally a customer of Lee’s and purchaser of one of the first kits.

Neil and his son, Matt would later start Car Builder Solutions, who need no introduction, of course, but not before they’d developed some stunning examples of the car, including Can-Am and Spyder versions joining the standard Berlinetta.

Neil also moved away from the Rover/Renault engine/transaxle combo by really pushing use of American V8 power such as Chevy 350s and also fitted more than a few Ferrari and Lamborghini V12 engines. I drove examples of both of those and an already great car was sent off the scale, with the look, performance sheer aural excitement delivered by the twelves.

Due to CBS taking off in such a big way, Neil and Matt just couldn’t devote the time the P4 needed and deserved so sold the project to a division of Dunlop Tyres, who had plans to develop and market the car further. Ultimately this didn’t happen and it remained unavailable until a Kent-based businessman, Steve Griffiths acquired the project late last year.

Steve has built several kitcars over the years and also races, currently competing in a Ginetta but had always coveted a P4. He’s teamed-up with Derek Holden, who has been appointed technical director of the newly-established Foreman Cars, based in Ashford, Kent, which is less than twenty miles from its old base in Staplehurst.

The initial plan is to offer fully built examples before kit availability commences in 2018. Steve has already been working on developments with standard engine announced as GM LS3, with revisions to the chassis and a new heated windscreen option being just two of the upgrades.

More on this exciting development over coming months. In the meantime visit ENDS.