Dave Ainsworth of Dampertech is well-known for supplying a large range of dampers to the kit and specialist car market over the years and is currently purveying GAZ products to our market.

However, he is about to launch his own range of dampers to the market tentatively known as FGD, which are lightweight, UK-made high quality items, for those wanting an upgrade without the possible five grand bill. Although FGD prices have yet to be finalised, you should expect a figure around the £250 per corner mark.

The kitcar market is lucky to be catered for by a wide array of top-notch More >


After a long, happy and successful career with leading driveline manufacturer, Tran-x, the now former CEO and driving force of the brand, Dan Jones, has decided to launch his own operation, 3JDriveline.

The industry was surprised when parent company ASE (Auto Sport Engineering) announced the closure of Tran-x and the subsequent sale of the business to Quaife Engineering.

We asked former CEO Dan Jones for comment:

“Being at Tran-x has been the happiest years of my working life so far and after almost 13-years I’m proud to say that we had developed the Tran-x brand and products into something that Quaife felt was More >


Synionic, the lubricant brand behind many of the UK’s most successful tuners and race teams, has launched a new range of ultra-high performance lubricants aimed specifically at the competition and trackday markets.

The new range, easily identifiable by its ‘Race Specification’ branding, has been developed from Synionic’s existing range.

Most of the field-testing for the new product range has been undertaken in the gruelling arena of Time Attack, where 900bhp, small displacement engines are the norm and components are placed under the kind of stresses that would never normally be seen under even the most ardent competition usage. The result? Two of More >


Laser Tools’ new high resolution laser thermometer (part no: 5418) is suitable for a wide range of garage and workshop applications, including vehicle heating and air-conditioning systems, radiator and thermostat function, exhaust manifolds and brakes.

These thermometers use infrared technology to quickly measure the surface temperature of objects, providing fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. The Laser 5418 Infrared Thermometer can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without contaminating or damaging the object. It can also provide several readings per second, as compared to contact methods where each measurement can take several minutes.

Twin-spot laser targeting enables accurate readings by More >


Santa Pod, the home of European Drag racing is getting ready for Europe’s most exhilarating and prestigious drag racing event; the FIA/UEM European Finals. This televised final round of the European Drag Racing Championships is the most popular event in the European motorsport calendar, and boasts the largest race entry of any other. Over 300 teams and 16 race classes go head-to-head to be the very best, making this event unrivalled for both the quality and quantity of racing. Don’t miss it – get it in your diary now! Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 September 2012.

Showcasing 300mph Top Fuel dragsters, More >


Having passed IVA with flying colours in June this year, production of the AMC CUB, the Mini based open-topped fun car, has re-started.

The Cub was designed by Charles Andersen and built in Liverpool by his company between 1985 and 1997. It was, and is, an updated replacement for the Mini Moke, which was produced in England, Australia, finally Portugal until about 1989. Production of the Cub is now up and running again in Liverpool using all of the original jigs, fixtures and templates.

Available as either a two or four-seat model the Cub is based on original Rover Mini suspension, brakes More >


Quaife Engineering, the renowned automotive high performance transmission specialist, is delighted to announce the production launch of an in-line gearbox featuring seven forward gears – a first for the firm. Called the QBE89G, the seven-speed unit debuted in prototype form at the Autosport show in January 2012 and is now in full production, having passed its extensive bench and field-testing programme.

The innovative seven-speed layout fulfils market demands from specialist sportscar manufacturers and motorsport customers requiring an in-line sequential transmission with ultra close ratios. This format ideally suits the demands of front-engined, rear wheel drive cars running small capacity engines with More >


Vauxhall’s C20XE ‘Red Top’ has been a popular choice of engine for two decades and was used in the Opel Kadette E, the Vauxhall/Opel Astra, the Vauxhall Calibra and Vectra – and even some Ladas!

Over the years it proved itself in motorsport and is still used for racing, trackdays and in kitcars and for transplants; an ‘XE installation in classic Fords being especially popular.

The C20XE is directly related to the turbocharged C20LET engine, which came with forged pistons. Anyone contemplating modifying an ‘XE should follow Vauxhall’s and do the same … and it just so happens that Cambridge Motorsports Parts More >


Cosworth has used their extensive F1™ experience to design and produce a roller barrel throttle body assembly with an integrated manifold for the Ford Duratec HE engine.

This motorsport-inspired component provides complete control with unrestricted flow at full throttle to produce maximum power and performance from the engine.

The body is cast from heat-treated aluminium and features CNC-machined barrels supported by sealed bearings and is designed to be used with Cosworth’s own carbon fibre airbox and free-flow air filter element (available separately).

The assembly is suitable for fitment to standard or race cylinder heads and comes complete with a fitting kit.

Order as KK3563 More >


When faced with the rigours of competition the standard Mini layshaft would flex and often result in the breakage of the bearings causing it to seize.

Mini Spares’ C-22A1731 layshaft is produced in an upgraded material – EN36 – and heat-treated to the correct core depth.

They are a must in any straight cut gearbox or helical type where the engine has been

Tuned and are accrding to Mini Spares, the only part of their type currently available.

They are for three synchromesh Mini gearboxes only and retail at £29.70 inc VAT (part number C-22A1731) with more drtails from or at the other end of More >