Over the years Burton Power has worked hard to keep many a classic Ford on the road by sourcing parts to replace those that are no longer available from OE sources.

They have now found a rubber component manufacturer capable of producing all manner of rubber parts to the original specifications or better, and have commissioned a huge selection of exclusive parts to be made for them.

All of these parts have been obsolete for years.

For further details and to see what they have contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.


Road salt may be an essential part of the winter motoring diet for the nation’s local authorities, but it’s far from healthy for your pride and joy, with the car’s bodywork, wheels and trim all vulnerable to salt-fuelled corrosive attack.

With the recent spate of snow in the past, but perhaps more to come, car care expert Armor All recommends that now’s the time for a spot of long-lasting remedial treatment – removing salt residue with a thorough wash, and then protecting from future attack with its latest product, Shield.

Providing far greater and longer-lasting protection to paintwork than a conventional car More >


ValetPRO’s Poseidon Car Wash is one of the best of its type I have ever used, so I read with interest about a new version, Advanced Poseidon Car Wash. An improved formulation of the firm’s best-selling car shampoo that provides even more vigorous cleaning power, reduces the physical effort required to agitate dirt and smells of the classic sweeties “lime Opal Fruits’!

For those that are unfamiliar, Advanced Poseidon Car Wash acts as an all-in-one wash and protect treatment. The new formulation is far, far more concentrated, diluting effectively at just 10-20ml per 5-litres of water (rather than 50-60ml), even though More >


Hewland Engineering is enhancing its standard product range with two new additions.  These new product families include the LLS-200 and LWS-200 gearbox and the ED-200 Differential unit, meeting industry demand for high quality ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.

The LLS-200 gearbox is a six-speed and reverse ‘off-the-shelf’ unit designed for mid or front-engined rear wheel drive sports cars in GT racing. The bigger brother of the LLS-200 is the LWS-200 gearbox, which has been designed for low-revving high torque engines.

The LLS-200 and LWS-200 will replace the NLT gearbox; a unit that has been part of Hewland’s standard product range since the 1990s. As Hewland More >


One of the top V8 engine builders in America, Jon Kaase Racing Engines builds engines of immense quality and power and a new addition to the Georgia-based company’s portfolio is their new P-38 Cross-Ram induction system for Ford 351 Windsor.

It is available fully built or in kit form and is said to help mid-range torque and improve fuel economy and its low profile can aid possible bonnet clearance issues incorporates ECU, sensors, injectors and harness all tailored to the appropriate intake manifold.

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Griffin’s new PowerJolt SE provides an affordable, everyday solution for consumers looking to charge and protect their devices.

Sporting a low-profile 12-volt accessory outlet, and a powerful 10-watt charging circuit, the PowerJolt SE charges new iOS devices quickly and safely. A durable coiled cable with Apple’s Lightning connector stretches up to 4-ft, and an LED power indicator light glows white when the PowerJolt SE is properly connected and ready to charge.

With its built-in, self-resetting SmartFuse, PowerJolt SE guards against power fluctuations as it charges.

PowerJolt SE with Lightning connector – £19.99, available from ENDS.


Performance race engine company, DEE Motorsport plans to support various race series this season with Toyota engines and drivelines on a buy or lease basis and has a signed strategic alliance with driveline specialist newcomer, 3J Driveline to market matched performance componentry.

3J Driveline is supplying the gearboxes...

DEE-Motorsport’s aftermarket version of the Toyota 3.5-litre V6 D-2GR-FE engine, recently debuted at the Autosport Show in Birmingham, and packages planned include options for the Lotus Elise, Evora and Exige.

DEE-Ltd Managing Director, Neil McAdam said: “The D-2GR-FE has a mature and proven track record in production sportscars already and we are especially pleased to More >


GBS Zero undergoes 'ELVTA' testing at MIRA

Great British Sportscars has started the process of getting their Zero homologated for the European market.

The first part of the laborious process took place last week with a car going to the MIRA test centre, the world-renowned test facility accredited by the VCA.

The first test that the Zero undertook was Vehicle Exhaust Emissions conducted over a drive cycle the same as any new mass production car would have to pass. According to GBS, the Zero performed much better than expected with a promising g/km of CO² figure.

Also the fuel consumption figures for the urban, extra More >


As part of their fiftieth anniversary celebrations, Burton Power has come up with a limited edition run of breather caps to suit a variety of classic Ford engines including Pinto, Kent Crossflow, Essex V6 and Cologne V6.

Two types available, both with the ‘Burton Power’ legend on the top, while one has a breather pipe connection. Priced at £42.95 and £47.95 respectively.

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Webcon has announced the rollout of the very latest version of their market-leading range of Weber air horns.

The entire range is now billet CNC-manufactured in the UK to ensure the very highest level of accuracy and lightness, which is so critical when trying to extract every BHP from your engine.

The new range is suitable for Weber 40 and 45 DCOE applications and are available in the following lengths – 16mm, 26mm, 39mm, 55mm and 75mm.

Prices are as follows:

40DCOE all sizes each £21.54 inc VAT

45DCOE all sizes each £22.74 inc VAT

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or More >