Testing automotive relays can literally be a bit hit and miss, good connections and continuity do not always mean a serviceable component. This new diagnostic relay tester from Laser Tools (part no: 5562) quickly and accurately tests electro-mechanical relays on most modern cars.

Four and five-pin relays can be tested – sockets are included for the three most common relay types. The suspect relay is plugged in to the tester – the 12 colt power source from the vehicle cycles the relay ten times applying a signal to the relay coil while checking function of the internal contacts. The internal contacts More >


The 51st National Rally of pre-war Austin 7 motor cars, organised by the 750 Motor Club, takes place in the wonderful setting of Lord Montagu’s Beaulieu Estate in Hampshire on Sunday July 7.

The Austin 7 was the first truly mass-produced British car and it changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people by giving them the opportunity to buy an affordable motor car for the first time. Between 1922 and 1939 some 290,000 were built and about 8000 are thought to still be around.

Today, enthusiasm for owning an Austin 7 is as strong as ever and the rally More >


Leading mid-priced tool brand, Britool Expert, launches a range of ratcheting wrenches – each one capable of handling four different-sized fasteners.

Ratcheting wrenches are in common use today, and with good reason. These handy tools facilitate speedy turning of fasteners in the majority of situations and are particularly useful when working in tight spaces.

Britool Expert, however, believes there is always room for improvement. With this in mind, the brand has developed a new range which aims to help mechanics and technicians in two ways. Firstly, by saving time spent on the job, and secondly by reducing the number of tools needed More >


After a wash-out in 201, the annual Bedfordshire Classic Motor Show roars back into the grounds of Woburn Abbey on Sunday and Monday May 5 & 6.

In contrast to the noise of engines and rasp of exhausts, the silent, mysterious, and ever-popular ‘Stig’ (a distant cousin of the famous ‘Top Gear’ Stig) will be lining up for photographs. Some say he been living all year with the deer on the Woburn Estate and sleeps at night hanging upside down in an old oak tree. All we know is that he will be there to raise money for ‘Hearing Dogs for More >


ADVANCE tickets for Peter James Insurance totalkitcar LIVE are now on-sale at the bargain price of £5 in advance (£10 on the day) with under 16s (accompanied by a paying adult) will get in for FREE, which means it won’t cost a fortune and will be an exciting day out…


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Superb Vectis is the latest model from Sylva Autokits and makes innovative use of the humble MGF as donor vehicle

Latest model from the gifted and creative mind of Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits is the Vectis, a car that he (as normal) overly modestly describes as a development of the existing J15 although, of course it is so much more than that.

After a dalliance with numerical nomenclature for his new Sylvas, the new one (it would be J17 if that system were still followed, incidentally) Jeremy has returned to names and the Vectis, the name given by Pliny the Elder More >


Is your garage full of discarded household items? Or perhaps you have no garage at all, meaning your prized kit or classic car has to fight the elements outside.

For anyone who has to park their car outside, a cover is one solution, but for some it may not be ideal. In which case, Hamilton Classic’s latest product, the AutoPod, is the answer. The MkII version is improved and stronger than the original with new features, fabrics and design.

AutoPod is a fully-enclosed outdoor shelter made of a lightweight fabric that is both weather and UV resistant. The new twin layers form More >


Designed to protect and prevent cuts to the forearm, this Kevlar® Sleeve from Laser Tools (part no: 5579) is manufactured from Kevlar® and features the additional protection of a thick and strong leather panel.

Extremely cut resistant, protects against sharp metal or glass fragments when fitting windscreens and door glass. Also protects against burns from hot engines or exhausts. Thumb slot ensures sleeve will remain in position while in use.

Professional quality item that will give years of use. Available now and terrific value at a recommended retail price of £15.22, but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the More >


Metal bashing courses par excellence from Contour Autocraft

Those metal-bashing gurus of fine repute, Contour Autocraft has announced their course dates for 2013. Three different versions available with the Foundation being step one, which lasts five days and costs £1198 inc VAT – these take place on May 13-17, July 8-12, September 16-20 and November 18-22.

Advanced Construction also lasts five days and costs £1398 and takes place as follows: May 20-24, July 15-19, September 23-27 and November 25-29.

Finally, Contour an Advanced Own Project course that costs £1698 and happens on April 22-26 and October 14-18.

Having visited the Cambridgeshire company and marvelled More >


This extra heavy duty ball-joint separator (Laser Tools’ part no: 5553) is designed to split the most stubborn joint taper with ease.

There is no hammer, no impact, just steady and impressive power, a torque of just 40Nm applied results in a full eight tonne pressure on the jaws.

The fork body is manufactured from high-tensile SCM 440 alloy steel for terrific strength and durability.

This professional tool is available now at a typical price of £106.68 but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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