Tyre dressings are very much an area where personal taste comes into it. Some hate them. Full stop. Others like a satin, subtle finish while others love their tyres to look glossy.

That’s fine but sometimes you’ll find that those mega-glossy ones can end up flinging themselves all over the sides of your car. Avoid cheap and nasty tyre dressings is my advice.

I do like a gentle gloss finish. I take the view that if you’ve spent hours on your paintwork, glass and wheels then why let the side down with dull and faded tyres?

Here’s a great tyre product – a More >


Meaco has announced the launch of its latest fan, the low energy, low decibel, cordless MeacoFan 260c Air Circulator.

Weighing in at just 490g – less than half a bag of sugar – this cordless fan can go anywhere. Wherever you need reliable cooling, be it at home, at work, the gym or outside, the portability of the MeacoFan 260c makes it the perfect choice.

The lack of a cable means you have the freedom to use it wherever you want without having to worry about trailing wires or having to position it near a plug socket.  Place it in any position to More >


Another very under-rated car care brand Dark Matter produce some very good products.

Their Dark Berry shampoo unsurprisingly has a summer fruits aroma and a novelty two-tone red-purple effect almost like a car care tequila sunrise! Shake the bottle to mix and agitate the active ingredients.

There is a nice amount of suds and a great lubricity that means that it’s easy to apply using the two-bucket method and a decent wash mitt. The car’s paintwork was very slick to the touch and it left a soft feel on the surface.

I liked this one a lot.

1-litre costs a very reasonable £11 with More >


As one of the aftermarket’s largest and most influential ECU calibrators, HP Tuners provides what it believes to be the most complete and cost-effective tuning and data acquisition solutions for enthusiasts and professional workshops.

The latest addition to this range of calibration options is the Remote Tuning Device (RTD) interface, a powerful OBD-II dongle that allows dealers, distributors and tuners to relay modified ECU software more easily to end-users.

* Read and flash with no need to modify or exchange the PCM/ECU

* Fastest flash time in the industry

* Option to lock the ECU recalibration or allow it to be shared

* Option to specify additional More >


Gemzoe Motorsport may be a new name in the kitcar world but MD, Dave Gemzoe has a very solid background in engine building having spent a period working for Mathwall.

In recent years he’s been building special Crossflows and the like mainly for use by Caterham customers looking for a bit of tuning or an engine transplant for their Sevens.

Dave has recently come up with an EcoBoost package that has been finding favour with Caterham owners although it can just as easily be used in other Lotus Seven-inspired sportscars.

Based on a 1.6-litre EcoBoost with an SCS Delta GDi4 ECU conducting operations power More >


Your vehicle’s cooling system really has to work hard. Everything’s fine when the system is new and the radiator core tubes are clean and free-flowing, but over time these very thin tubes can become contaminated and clogged. Introducing the new cooling system flusher from Laser Tools (part number 7686).

It’s the traditional method of radiator flushing using clean water, but now with the added power of the workshop compressed air supply. Connect up to a suitable hose or port on the vehicle radiator; attach the water hose and the compressed air supply to the tool and you’re ready to go. Press More >


Meet Eden and Bliss, possibly, in my view two of the nicest air fresheners and odour eliminators known to man. They come from the good folk at Angelwax and although devised primarily for car use and also for sorting out stinky carpets and the like, I’ve been liberally spraying them about the garage and the house.

Both are really pleasant, and I don’t have a favourite. The fragrance lasts a long time which is good although bizarrely it’s normally those horrible, acrid ones that don’t go away!

Bliss features a black plum and is inspired by a candle in Angelwax’s Annie Lane More >


As soon as I opened the bottle of Akira Brand’s Glacier Snowfoam I was hit by a lovely smell of cherry drops.

A 10:1 dilution rate and pour into a foam cannon giving the bottle a quick shake to agitate the product fully.  You can then watch as the foam will literally engulf your car. A decent dwell time of seven minutes means that the product has time to start lifting dirt and crud.

The product seems to be particularly easy to rinse while it also dispersed from my driveway very quickly too. I like the fact that there was no marring More >


With over £125,000 worth of Samco Hoses on their shelves at any one time, Merlin Motorsport is one of the largest stockists of Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses in the country. Lots of companies say they stock Samco stuff, but you will often find the bend or straight you are after is out of stock!

They supply all Samco Raceparts including elbows, straights, T-pieces etc, Classic and Xtreme products.

They also keep a large range of Samco car kits, too.



More from or 01249 782 101 ENDS.



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DEI’s new Motorcycle Leg Shield is designed to prevent leg burns from hot exhausts, thus keeping riders safe and pain-free (these will be good for kitcars with side-exiting exhausts, of course).

The universal sized 8in x10in shields feature a heavy-duty outer shell with an insulated inner layer. They slip on and off easily and are made to last.

DEI’s Motorcycle Leg Shields simply go around the leg and fasten with easy-to-use hook-and-loop straps. They are fully adjustable and large enough to fit over leathers and riding gear. They are ideal for road use but are tough enough for the most extreme riding More >