Crikey, it’s hard to believe but it’s some twenty years since the Toniq R first came blinking into the spotlight at the Donington kit car show.

Designed by a group of students from the University of Huddersfield, it was seen as a fresh and ultra-credible new take on the Lotus Seven theme.

One of the four people involved from gestation, Colin Williams, now re-located in St Austell, Cornwall, has been running Toniq Cars for several years although it’s fair to say that although the car has always been available, it’s been keeping a low-profile in recent times, primarily due to Colin being More >


As a big fan of car care and detailing, I have an extensive collection of products and among them are some fantastic polishes, rapid detailers, paste waxes, glazes, sealants, you name it.

The UK marketplace is a crowded one from big players such as Meguiar’s and Autoglym to smaller operations such as Britemax, Angelwax and Dodo Juice, not to mention hundreds of micro-boutique car care companies, some cool, some not so.

A range that was new to me until recently was Roar Polishing, a Derbyshire operation founded several years ago by polishing and bodyshop experts. It has to be said that the More >


Burton Power has announced that the FP209B 7.6in Pushrods for the 1.6-litre Ford Kent engine are once again available and back in stock.

FP209B 7.6in Pushrods are made from high-performance chromium/molybdenum alloy steel (42CrM04) that exhibits a high fatigue strength and have been precision manufactured to Ford’s original equipment specifications.

They are suitable for Ford Crossflow OHV Kent engine application as fitted to thousands of kitcars over the years.

Order as part number FP209B at £9.95 inc VAT each with further details available from 0208 554 2281 ENDS.



Most engine oils are designed to work optimally between 82°C – 99°C.

However, DEI’s new Oil Filter Shield effectively protects spin-on type oil filter canisters from radiant heat, which can change the oil’s viscosity or potentially cause a thermal breakdown that makes the oil additives degrade, dissipate and wear out quickly.

DEI’s Oil Filter Heat Shield is available in two sizes:

3½in – 4½in x 4in high 88.99mm – 114.3mm x 101.6mm high part #010740


2½in – 3½in x 3in high 63.5mm – 88.9mm x 76.2mm high part #010741

It can be trimmed to fit any size of oil filter and is sold in a More >


Turbochargers generate lots of heat and you want to keep that heat inside the turbo to keep the turbine wheel spinning and keep under-bonnet temperatures from spiking and damaging your paint and heat-sensitive electronics.

Summit Racing’s Volcano Turbo Heat Shields do just that. Made from volcanic rock fibre and high-tech materials, the shields are stronger than other types, and can withstand radiant heat up to 1800 degrees F continuous and 2500 degrees intermittent.

More from ENDS.


The DeHavilland F48 will make its debut at Stoneleigh 2019 and it’s a two-seat, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined sportscar.

DeHavilland boss, Terry Groves told me: “The brief we gave ourselves for the car we are now launching as the F48 was quite a complex one. It involved designing a car that was unique, quick to assemble, had good performance, was easily maintainable, functional, offer very good value for money and finally could be assembled by a complete novice.

“In order to accomplish everything set out in our design brief we have had to seriously look at how kitcars and mainstream sportscars are manufactured More >


Bulgarian kitcar maker AeroMaster is now offering their LMP race-orientated replica in kit form. Gunther Schleyer of German company, CCK Kempten (for many years they’ve promoted leading UK kit and specialist car makers in their homeland) gave some advice in the development stages. The LMP is a pastiche of the ultra-pretty Bentley LMP endurance racer of 2001.

Initially, a track-orientated version will be available although a road-going package will appear later in 2019. How good would that be tooling down to the local pub or visiting McDonalds Drive-Thru?

The Sofia-based manufacturer supplies worldwide, directly from their factory and rolling chassis kit packages More >


For over forty years, Bailey Morris has been one of the UK’s leading propshaft manufacturers and component distributor in the UK.

They’ve just announced the launch of Heritage & Speed, a brand-new range of custom-made propshafts for the motorsport, kitcar and classic car markets.

The company’s new division will cover the following products and services:

Custom propshafts for motorsport and classic car applications

Lightweight propshafts and components

Heavy duty propshafts and components

High-quality components

Technical sales support

Bespoke finishing and design

“While classic cars continue to grow in popularity, restoration projects can be timely and expensive, with the necessary components regularly being discontinued or tricky to locate,” said Richard More >


These great value robust drum fans are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, providing a solution for fast cooling in large workshops, garages, factories and more!

The range produces an excellent amount of air flow, up to 310mᶟ per minute, allowing large areas to be cooled quickly and efficiently, with three large fan sizes to choose from 24in, 30in or a hefty 36in!

All models include two handles and are mounted on large rubber wheels for easy transportation to wherever it is required.

Prices start from £142.80 inc VAT.

Machine Mart offers a wide range of air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers available at keen More >


Sealey is launching their NEW 56-page Storage & Workstations Promotion on May 1st. This promotion has over 470 products on offer. It contains products with up to 67 per cent discount off list price and is valid to the end of December 2019.

This promotion incorporates a great range of toolchests, tool trays, cabinets and tool cupboards, trolleys, workbenches, site boxes and combo deals. There are cash boxes, bags, key cabinets and safes, racking, space-saving wall mounting, stackable and freestanding storage options, as well as water resistant cases, accessories and modular systems.

Check out the new Superline Pro Black Edition Tool cabinet on More >