Here’s a neat product from Merlin Motorsport.

The ‘go-to’ coolant additive when the temperature gauge starts rising is Red Line Water Wetter. While the name sounds a bit odd, it’s one of Merlin’s best-selling fluids and racers swear by it.

Water Wetter improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by up to 50 per cent. Basically, this provides better coolant contact in the cylinder head and reduces head temperature by up to 12°C. It improves heat transfer to the metal of the engine and doubles the wetting ability of the water.

Works best in a total water cooling system but More >


New from Machine Mart – MMA/ARC welding uses a coated consumable electrode (stick) to lay the weld; therefore, an additional welding kit is not required.

The arc melts the core of the electrode to produce drops of molten metal (weld pool) that cool to create the weld joint.

Because of the versatility and simplicity of MMA welding, it requires less skill and is used primarily to weld iron and steels (including stainless steel) but nickel and copper can also be welded with this method.

This welder can output between 20 and 200A with an input voltage of 230V /50Hzand prices for this range More >


GAZ now offers a GAZ Gold-Pro suspension kit for the Mazda MX-5 Mk1, which is sure to interest owners of MX-5-based kitcars.

Gaz Gold Pro Kits are a premium range of suspension units designed for fast road, trackday and tarmac motorsport use.

They are manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods and have a multi-point adjustable control knob to adjust bump and rebound.

These units are filled with high-viscosity index fluid to alleviate cavitation and have an internal gas cell to help prevent fade. In addition to this, the Gaz Gold Pro range are offered with self-lubricating spherical bearings and More >


More starting torque without the bulk – Tuff Stuff Performance High Torque Gear Reduction Starters deliver enough torque to turn over engines with compression ratios of up to 15:1, but are compact and lightweight to make the most of limited engine space.

They’re smaller than OE starters but feature a three-horsepower motor that draws half the amps of a full-size starter motor.

The adjustable mounting block gives you the extra room you need to clear headers, oil pans, and chassis components, and the clocked billet aluminium drive end lets you reposition your starter as you add upgrades. Ball bearing construction makes for More >


Any new model from Ultima Sports is big news and the Hinckley company’s latest, called the RS, is a bit special. Huge in fact.

This one is claimed to be their fastest road-legal model yet available in ‘strengths’ up to an eye-crossing 1200bhp. The RS is based on the Evolution model although features a modified chassis and revisions to the body.

The new rear wing is a monster at nearly 180cm-wide works alongside carbon-fibre front and rear splitters to add to the Evolution models, not insignificant downforce. As a result of the restyled front end styling the car’s interior has also been More >


New from Europa Spares for vehicles with self-parking windscreen wipers.

We all love our kitcars and classics and many people use them all year round. This is great but it also means they have to face the worst of the weather – even in the summer months!

Many vehicles have a wiper motor that is simply on or off so that driving in drizzle or moderate rainfall means constantly reaching for that toggle switch to keep the windscreen clear!

Even those cars with the luxury of a two-speed motor have the same problem!

Designed & hand built in the UK, the Retronics RWTM is More >


Hose clamps can be difficult to get to, especially if they’re located right down at the bottom of the engine bay where access is difficult. Reach for these new double-jointed hose clamp pliers from Laser Tools (part number 7397).

In a really tight location, you just haven’t got the room to spread the handles wide – the double-jointed design and spring-assisted handle mean easy one-handed operation and the useful 430mm length lets you get right down between the engine and radiator.

The lattice-shaped tooth design lets them grip the tangs of the clamp securely at any angle – even from the side. More >


Some of the most critical and most overlooked fuel connections on a Weber DCOE setup are the intake unions. If these are anything less than 100 per cent it could result in a serious fuel leak and possibly even an engine fire.

Webcon has always sold the individual parts, but the process of overhauling these parts has now been simplified by the introduction of three new fuel union kits.

Each kit contains top quality fuel unions, banjo bolts, fibre washers and hose clamps. These ensure a perfect, professional fuel union overhaul on any single, twin or triple Weber DCOE or DCO/SP installation.

The More >


Keeping your oil clean is especially important when your engine and gearbox share the same oil.

Mini Spares can help with the Gold Magnetic Sump Plug, which traps any tiny and potentially damaging metal particles that may be floating in you’re A-Series engine’s oil to keep them safely out of the way until the next oil change.

This extra strong magnetic sump plug is constructed from 303-stainless steel and houses the latest super strong Neodymium magnet. This is currently the strongest type of magnet available for its size and is easily capable of lifting a whole packet of steel washers!

This sort of More >


This new range from Clarke is ideal for buffing and polishing metal and composite surfaces to a bright lustre finish. They are available now from Machine Mart.

These units feature a robust cast iron base with rubber feet that reduce vibration. They can also be bolted to a workbench to make them even easier to use.

The range consists of two models, CBB150 (150mm diameter) and CBB200 (200mm diameter).

With a built-in motor delivering 250W of power and 2850rpm combined with bearing balanced machine shafts, these buffers offer excellent performance.

They even come with some accessories to help get you started – a stitched More >