Edelbrock has announced its latest and most advanced electronic fuel injection system… the Pro-Flo 4 EFI.

The Pro-Flo 4’s key advancements are in the all-new compact and water-resistant ECU, which features a faster processor with an upgraded Bluetooth™ chip for more reliable connectivity with the system’s E-Tuner app. For advanced tuners out there, Pro-Flo 4 offers more options that give total control over cold starts and acceleration, all while retaining the simplicity that Pro-Flo systems are known for.

The unit does not require laptop tuning. The key to this user-friendly system is Edelbrock’s exclusive E-Tuner 4 application with base calibrations that have More >


Sealey’s new professional, heavy-duty hot or cold water pressure washer has been designed for extensive domestic use through to heavy commercial use.

It is ideal for a range of applications including cleaning vehicles, commercial equipment, motorbikes, patios and decking. This unit has been fitted with a heavy-duty, upgraded induction electric motor with a diesel water heater.

A double motor (pump and burner) with three high durability steel pistons and aluminium axial pump is complemented by a vertical boiler with high-efficiency steel coil and safety valve.

For convenience, the PW2000HW is fitted with an ergonomic handle, accessory holder and automatic temperature regulation. A detergent More >


The Edelbrock AVS2 is the ultimate high-performance four-barrel featuring the innovative annular-flow booster ring with eight ports that deliver superior fuel atomization over the typical down-leg boosters found in other carbs.

The AVS2 distributes fuel more evenly into the airstream for improved performance and flat spots are eliminated as you accelerate from idle to full throttle.

Dressing up your engine compartment is all about the details. The right amount of chrome, polished, and black-finished parts is what earns praise whenever you lift the bonnet. Extra credibility is gained when your performance parts and accessories all match.

So, from now until the end of More >


Another new product just in at Merlin Motorsport are these GOLD PLUG MAGNETIC SUMP PLUGS.

Available in lots of different threads, they’re a cost-effective way to keep small metallic particles from making their way into the oil in your engine.

Simply replace your existing sump plug with one of these at your next oil change. They’re nice quality, manufactured from Stainless Steel with an N45SH Neodymium specification magnet. All Gold Plugs are supplied with sealing washers.

For more information and to get yours visit www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk or 01249 782 101 ENDS.


Power Maxed, the vehicle care brand is known for developing high-quality, high-performance products in collaboration with prominent motorsport teams such as Power Maxed Racing in the British Touring Car Championship and Carlin in F2, British F3 and F4, has introduced a new product to its range, perfectly timed for Christmas.

The Power Maxed Car Valeting Pack enables a start-to-finish wash, using the included 1-litre Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner to gently but effectively lift dirt from the surface without causing damage to any wheel types, followed by 1-litre Traffic Film Remover to spray the entire vehicle to loosen general dirt and grime to More >


These PerTronix Quick-Change Crimping Tools have some cool features that will make your wiring tasks go smoother. They feature five interchangeable, hardened chromoly steel die-sets to handle the most common automotive terminals – insulated, non-insulated, open-barrel, D-subs, and spark plug wire.

Unlike other crimpers, where you need a tool to swap the die-sets, PerTronix made theirs a quick-release design that will save you time and hassle.

The crimping tool has an adjustable ratcheting action that makes precise, uniform crimps every time, and the tool handle has comfortable rubber grips so your hands won’t cramp up as much.

Summit Racing also carries a PerTronix More >


These new heavy-duty coil spring compressors from Rally Design will make a potentially dangerous job a lot easier and safer.

My late father, a motor mechanic all of his life, lost the movement in his right thumb when a spring ‘let go’ and I vividly recall the damage it did to his hand. Not a pretty sight for a lad of six to witness.

The Rally Design kit is of high-quality and suitable for home and professional workshop use. It includes a safeguard brace to prevent accidental slippage of the tool rotating around the coil and also ensures parallel operation.

The compressors have More >


With over 1000 kits sold the Fury is not only one of the finest kitcar around it is also a decent seller in specialist car terms.

Designed by Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits in 1991, it has kept a low-profile in recent years, although Fury Sportscars, run by Steve Hughes in Cranbrook, Kent, are very much still around.

They earn the largest portion of their crust from general kit-building and restoration work these days but they are also kept busy with spare parts and remedial work on older examples of the Fury.

It’s the sort of kitcar that puts a smile on your More >


As modern petrol engines get smaller in capacity, they also get physically smaller as well. These tight dimensions and clearances mean that the (smaller) spark plugs are deeply recessed and you will invariably find that your trusty spark plug socket will not fit into the recess.

Reach for this new thin-walled spark plug socket set from Laser Tools (part number 7295). This is a three-piece, 3/8in drive set of dedicated spark plug sockets that feature very thin walls to fit these narrow, modern spark plug recesses. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel to keep them strong, they also feature a rubber insert More >


The power of the re-imagined and the recreated is undeniably strong at the moment. Retro cars made modern is now a trend for any number of cottage industries turned massively successful businesses in recent years – firms like Singer for its 911 recreations and Eagle for its E-type re-imagining have chiselled out a niche in the classic car marketplace that’s almost impossible to better. There’s good reason for the obsession as well – modern underpinnings with retro good looks makes an awful lot of sense – practicality with new age performance and economy…What’s not to like?

That’s only part of the More >