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With one of the largest ranges of 12V bulbs in the European market, which combined can be applied across 500,000 applications on vehicles from the past 50 years, vehicle lighting specialist, Ring, has updated its online tool Find My Bulb to save technicians time when searching for the right reference.

Although technically complex to develop, the online tool is simple for technicians to use giving them the chance to update details of the make and model of the vehicle they are working on before searching through a relevant More >


The Laser Tools 7604 is a high -performance industrial endoscope with a high-resolution five-inch colour LCD display. This is a fully-featured instrument, ergonomically designed so that the main function buttons can be controlled with one hand.

The extremely flexible, semi-rigid camera probe is 1-metre long and just 3.9mm in diameter. The inspection camera has numerous applications from inspecting engines and engine components, inspecting cables or pipes in or behind walls, to locating lost keys, etc, in drains. For example, the very narrow diameter of the camera probe makes it ideal for inspecting combustion chambers in diesel-engined vehicles using the glow plug More >


Winter is coming and a lot of classic-Mini-based kitcar owners will be thinking about taking their cars off the road for some restoration.

GAZ Shocks is probably best-known for its competition and performance suspension, but if you are thinking about replacing your Mini’s shock absorbers, GAZ also offers telescopic dampers for the Mini to standard specifications.

Actually, it’s more of a ‘standard plus’ specification; although the dampers are the same size as the originals and a direct bolt-on fit, they do offer the extra benefit of full bump and rebound adjustability by means of an easy-to-reach adjuster knob on the side. This More >


Sealey’s New Rechargeable Slim Folding Inspection Lamp features 12 SMD LEDs, which produce up to 500 lumens. It’s operated by a rolling dimmer switch. This product, from Sealey, has a variety of uses; it can be used in confined spaces with a 6mm minimum thickness, the arm can be rotated 180°, folded back for use as a hands-free inspection lamp and the 1W SMD LED, in the end, can be used as a directional torch, which is perfect for when you need to direct the light.

It can be folded away becoming small and compact, making it suitable for keeping in More >


Finding a satisfactory distributor for a Classic Mini, or other A-Series engines can be fraught with problems.

Mini Spares tried and tested numerous imported and British-made examples. It found that suppliers were often unable to advise what curves they had in them and discovered a marked disparity between the examples tested.

On many, the base plate would stick and alter the curves sometimes jamming the distributor in full advance. It also proved difficult to get them to run correctly when using a timing light.

The rotor arm and dog at the bottom of the shaft were often found to be out of phase More >


Chrono Sport run by Carlo Parodi and based in Cairo Montenotte (quite close to Genoa) has been appointed as agents for Hawk Cars in Italy, where they are busy building their first batch of Hawk HF Stratos replicas for customers.

Chrono Sport will be Italian agents for Hawk Cars’s HF Stratos replica

Carlo Parodi bought a kit from Hawk Cars and liked it so much he decided to tackle difficult Italian legislation concerning kitcars, a process which proved time consuming and difficult to overcome, but a nut that has now been cracked.

More information from or ENDS.


RS Retro, who wowed the kitcar scene this year with their stunning RS 200 replica has been busy working on a pastiche of ‘Rosie’ an infamous version of the iconic Ford that attacked the Pikes Peak hillclimb in the hands of ex-rallycross mainman, Pat Doran.

Although Doran crashed heavily at the Colorado venue in 2013, RS Retro has several panels from the original car that will be used on their replica, which will use the feisty Ford EcoBoost 3.6-litre V6 engine, normally seen on the current Ford GT supercar.

RS Retro will be using some original panels from the iconic Pat Doran More >


An engineering company well-known within historic and classic motorsport is SiFab Limited run by Simon Hall. I’ve also been hearing their name recently within the kitcar world, which means they’ll be of real interest to totalkitcar readers.

In addition to race preparation (they look after a very successful and potent Morgan Plus 8, for example) they can offer all sorts of parts fabrication from aluminium radiators, fuel tanks to suspension components.

They can also now offer kitcar builds and rebuild work, too.

Find out what they can offer you via or at the other end of 01788 568 475 ENDS.

More >


Another company that has come onto our radar lately and one that will be of real interest to totalkitcar/TKC Mag readers is Malvern-based Sarik Vacform, who as the name suggests can offer an, er, vacuum forming parts service that can produce stuff like internal cladding, trim, external body parts, door panels, air scoops such as NACA ducts, dashboards, glove boxes and gearshift escutcheons.

Vacuum forming is quick and effective and means that bespoke parts can be produced quite cost-effectively, maybe even items that are hitherto obsolete meaning Sarik’s services can be great on single items or short runs.

Find out more from More >


Ford’s plastic oil filler cap was never its finest achievement.

The cap would frequently come off leaving the breather mesh exposed and inevitably, oil mist would exude.

Now, Burton Power has a smart alloy oil filler cap with breather outlet to duct oil mist back into the air cleaner or an oil catch can.

The Burton’s alloy filler cap will fit the following engines: Ford SOHC Pinto, Crossflow, pre-CrossFlow, Kent V6, Essex V6 and Taunus/Cologne V6.

It can be ordered as part FP641 and retails at £46.50 inc VAT.

Further details from 0208 554 2281 or by visiting ENDS.

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