America’s race to the moon and the development of manned space capsules created a massive challenge. Vehicles would be subjected to more punishment than any other mode of transportation in history. From the intense cold and ultraviolet radiation of space to the heat of re-entry and the expected corrosion caused after a saltwater splashdown, these vehicles had to withstand extremes never before experienced.

Nyalic®, a unique formulation, was developed using nylonic and several other polymeric resins. Used by the Apollo Space Programme inside the Apollo command module and on the Lunar Rover, it was a very durable yet flexible coating that More >


The competitively-priced, mid-level, professional tool range offered by Stanley Black and Decker’s Britool Expert brand continues to grow with the addition of a ball joint separator kit for the automotive market.

The new E201100B ball joint separator kit contains three joint separators of different sizes: 23mm, 28mm and 34mm. This ensures that the majority of modern vehicle makes and models are covered, including commercials.

Conveniently housed in a sturdy carrying case, the separators are designed to facilitate easy separation of ball joints in-situ, when replacing track rod ends or control arms, for example.

Paul Woolley, UK Marketing Manager for Britool Expert, says: “Replacing More >


The RHP roller-bearing is the workhorse of the Classic Mini’s gearbox and Mini Spares’ new replacement part supports the shaft where it transmits the power to the wheels. When this bearing goes, the mainshaft doesn’t function correctly and as a result can take out the rest of the box in a hurry.

It’s false economy to ignore this bearing when doing a rebuild and don’t take chances with a cheap imported replacement – always rely on a genuine RHP full cage bearing.

Fortunately Mini Spares can now supply these genuine RHP bearings from stock as part number AAU1365 at just £50.40 inc VAT More >


Viper’s new dump valve has been designed for petrol-engined turbocharged cars and features a CNC-machined body made from solid billet 6061 aluminium, with a beautifully brushed finish.

The single-piston valve is fully pressure adjustable from 4 to 41 PSI and has a silicone seal inside for reliable long life use and a unique twin horn design. The horns can be removed if under-bonnet packaging is an issue.

The valve has a 25mm (1in) port, and comes complete with one-metre of vacuum tubing in the colour of the customer’s choice with a retail price of £75 inc VAT.

For more details, phone 08450 953 More >


The Ford Duratec 2-litre engine is a popular tuning choice, and has great potential both in various Ford models such as the Ford Fiesta, Mondeo and Focus and, of course, in kitcars and transplants.

Jenvey Dynamics now offer a purpose built ITB throttle body conversion comprising two TB45 throttle bodies (ITBs), a Jenvey Dynamics EFI inlet manifold (made in Jenvey’s own foundry), fuel rail and four 90mm long air-horns.

All throttle bodies and associated accessories are engineered for motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use and comes completely assembled and balanced More >


3J Driveline has announced their new half shafts set made from improved material, with thicker diameter tapered shafts that they claim help eliminate the known weak point of a competition axle.

Produced, from a one-piece steel billet and available in ‘baby’ (690mm) and Long/Narrow/Wide (700-730mm) axle lengths the shafts are available in 22T English, 16T Atlas or 18T GIV splines.

The set comprises of two x half shafts, two x flanges, two x coned washers and two x nuts, all for £438 inc VAT.

Available now from 01926 650 426 or ENDS.


In these days of tight budgets it makes sense to only buy enough materials for the job in hand and now you can buy a DEI Pipe Wrap kit that contains one roll of 2in x 25ft of thermal Pipe Wrap and four 8in stainless steel locking ties to minimise waste.

This kit should be ample for spot-wrapping header tubes to protect plug boots, protecting wires and vital engine components; to wrap sections of exhaust, crossovers and tail pipes to reduce heat transfer for improved cabin comfort; and to wrap turbo downpipes.

The kit is also ideal for motorcycle pipes to protect More >


As dedicated track tools go, not many cars have the ‘fitness for purpose’ that the KTM XBOW has. Designed from the outset to be a track-focussed weapon, you might think that it has all the bases covered – but, like any production car, there are still many areas for improvement. A point perfectly proven by Forge Motorsport’s hand-finished charge-cooler kit for the bonkers Austrian machine.

Upgrade part from Forge Motorsport for KTM X-BOW

Although the standard part copes on an un-stressed, un-modified car, it has been known to fail if the engine is tuned, or driven hard for a prolonged period of More >


Webcon can now supply a triple Weber carburettor conversion for popular kitcar engine, Jaguar XK120/140/150 B-type cylinder heads as a complete conversion kit, including manifold, linkage system and the genuine Spanish Weber carburettors.

The conversion is ideal for road, trackday and classic racing use and retails at £1794 inc VAT and can be ordered as PJA302 from or 01932 787 100 ENDS.


Early this year Ford part number 1499297, the tail-housing bush for various Ford gearboxes, became obsolete, however all is not lost as classic Ford masters, Burton Power, has come-up with a replacement.

The Burton’s tail-housing bush will fit Ford three rail ‘2000E’ type gearbox, Cortina Mk1, Escort Mk1 RS1600/Twin Cam/Mexico, Lotus Cortina post-68 Ford Type 3 single rail gearbox, Cortina Mks2/3/4/5 1.3 and 1.6, Lotus Cortina post-69, Capri 1.6 OHC Ford Type 2 gearbox and Escort Mks1/2 (excluding RS/Mexico and Twin Cam).

The bush can be ordered as part number GB2E602, and retails at £36 inc VAT with further details from Burton More >