The BG Racing HUBStands Toe Stick Pro Kit is a revamped version of the existing setup and features a pair of sliding, laser-etched measurement scales that make reading the values quick and simple.

The item has been designed for use on the HUBStands Proline Kit and will work with wheel diameters ranging from 12in to 22in thanks to the sliding measurement scales. The sliding scales are held securely in place with a pair of knurled thumb screws which are included with the kit.

The kit is finished with a black anodised coating and includes a set of aluminium toe stubs to elevate More >



Choosing the right high-performance oil for a GM LS Gen III, Gen IV, or Gen V engine doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration—not when the folks at Driven Racing Oil made it so easy. They’ve combined the Driven synthetic oil with the most efficient WIX XP filter to do a complete oil change and keep your engine fully protected – especially at higher revs.

The Oil Change Kits come one of two types of Driven oil depending on the application:

LS30 oil is a 5W30 synthetic, high zinc racing oil that protects engines with aggressive cam profiles, and also provides better high More >


VHT Rust Converter is an aerosol product that claims to zap tin-worm and corrosion, on impact.

It is clear in colour but turns black when applied to prevent further rust arriving. It can be used on filler, metal and GRP.

The product can be sanded to a smooth-finish before further layers of paint are applied, making it very useful. It comes in 290gm aerosol cans and has an RRP of £11.99.

More from www.carbuildersoloutions.comor 01580 891 309 ENDS.


A correctly operating choke cable will maximise the cold start performance of any manual choke carburettor and Webcon have been manufacturing and supplying the finest quality choke cables for over forty years.

Now there is a range of four different lengths and inners to suit almost all front-engined applications and all are manufactured to Webcon’s exacting quality standards.

The range details are below:

Part Number Length Outer Length Inner Inner type               Price inc VAT

9990087400 54in        57in                Bowden cable              £22.46 inc VAT 9990102300 72in        78in                 Bowden cable              £22.94 inc VAT

9990203400 54in        57in                Piano wire                   £18.55 inc More >


The latest product from leading US car care behemoth, Mothers is CMX Ceramic Spray Coating.

Having heard the hype about CMX via various YouTube videos and American friends, I was looking forward to trying it out.

Even though I love cleaning my cars and Carol calls me an ‘addict’ I have tended to shy away from ceramic coatings. I’m a bit scared of them, to be honest. They can give outrageously effective and long-lasting shine but they can also be a pig to apply and for the best results they need to ‘cure’ for 12-hours and mustn’t get wet during that time.

Not More >


The B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System allows the user to quickly and easily attach/detach aftermarket steering wheels from the hub. This offers the ultimate anti-theft solution the complete removal of the steering wheel. Ideal for kitcars.

The B-G Quick Release System also features a push-pin mechanism that prevents accidental unlocking and the hub is produced from high-quality aluminium for maximum durability.

The earlier version of the B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System only allowed the quick release system to be fitted to steering wheels with a matching bolt pattern.

However, this new version incorporates a multi-drilled PCD bolt pattern adaptor that allows More >


Here’s a neat product from Merlin Motorsport.

The ‘go-to’ coolant additive when the temperature gauge starts rising is Red Line Water Wetter. While the name sounds a bit odd, it’s one of Merlin’s best-selling fluids and racers swear by it.

Water Wetter improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by up to 50 per cent. Basically, this provides better coolant contact in the cylinder head and reduces head temperature by up to 12°C. It improves heat transfer to the metal of the engine and doubles the wetting ability of the water.

Works best in a total water cooling system but More >


New from Machine Mart – MMA/ARC welding uses a coated consumable electrode (stick) to lay the weld; therefore, an additional welding kit is not required.

The arc melts the core of the electrode to produce drops of molten metal (weld pool) that cool to create the weld joint.

Because of the versatility and simplicity of MMA welding, it requires less skill and is used primarily to weld iron and steels (including stainless steel) but nickel and copper can also be welded with this method.

This welder can output between 20 and 200A with an input voltage of 230V /50Hzand prices for this range More >


GAZ now offers a GAZ Gold-Pro suspension kit for the Mazda MX-5 Mk1, which is sure to interest owners of MX-5-based kitcars.

Gaz Gold Pro Kits are a premium range of suspension units designed for fast road, trackday and tarmac motorsport use.

They are manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods and have a multi-point adjustable control knob to adjust bump and rebound.

These units are filled with high-viscosity index fluid to alleviate cavitation and have an internal gas cell to help prevent fade. In addition to this, the Gaz Gold Pro range are offered with self-lubricating spherical bearings and More >


More starting torque without the bulk – Tuff Stuff Performance High Torque Gear Reduction Starters deliver enough torque to turn over engines with compression ratios of up to 15:1, but are compact and lightweight to make the most of limited engine space.

They’re smaller than OE starters but feature a three-horsepower motor that draws half the amps of a full-size starter motor.

The adjustable mounting block gives you the extra room you need to clear headers, oil pans, and chassis components, and the clocked billet aluminium drive end lets you reposition your starter as you add upgrades. Ball bearing construction makes for More >