Another car care company I really like is Infinity Wax and this week I’ve been trying out their Rapid Detailer with great success.

Also available in pink!

It was designed with ease of use, extreme gloss and surface slip in mind. It uses three stage polymer technology that means it’s yep, easy-to-use, which has become standard for this product with extremely effective results. Each of the three polymers within compliment the function of the other and can be broken down into three primary purposes:

Gloss enhancing polymer

Surface tension polymer

Hydrophobic polymer

Infinity Wax’s Rapid Detailer is also solvent, alcohol and detergent-free and is available in pleasant More >


The Aeroflow BSPP-to-AN Male Flare Adaptor provides the means to quickly and easily make a connection between a 1/8in BSPP and an AN-03 pipe fitting.

The adaptor has been produced from stainless-steel and precision machined for leak-free performance. It is ideal for adapting the 1/8in fittings on various brake calipers, such as Wilwood, to an AN-sized hose and fittings.

The Aeroflow BSPP-to-AN Male Flare Adaptor retails from £11.99 inc. VAT with more details from 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.



BluePrint Engines 350 Deluxe crate engine – BP3501CTC1

BluePrint Engines has come up with high output small block Chevy 350 crate engines for a real value-for-money price available now via Summit Racing. These are fully assembled engines that make 365bhp and 405 lbs.-ft. of torque.

The BluePrint 350/365 HP engines are a perfect drop-in powerplant for street rods, muscle cars, trucks, and kitcars. They feature the following components:

  • four-bolt main iron block with one-piece rear main seal
  • Blocks are align-bored, square and parallel decked, and have cylinders bored .040” over to .0002” roundness
  • New hypereutectic pistons, cast steel crank, and resized connecting rods
  • 64cc Vortec cast More >


If you are looking for improved performance from your 1ZZ-FE powered Celica or MR2-powered kit or conversion then a Fidanza lightweight flywheel could be the way to go.

Fidanza’s aluminium flywheels are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminium for superb tensile strength, incredible heat dissipation and (of course) a reduction in weight that delivers: faster acceleration, quicker throttle response, better vehicle braking and increased clutch efficiency, as well as long lasting durability.

The flywheel can mate with many types of clutch material, including: organic KevlarÒ, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron. Most companies design their flywheels so that they can be More >


Good to see things progressing with Birch Motorsport and their MG TF-based silhouette Mini kit.

Kit price has been set at £11,705 inc VAT and if you allow £500 for a half-decent donor you could be all-done for around £14,000.

A track version is being developed and due for launch later this year. The car is featured in the July/August issue of TKC Mag

More from 07399 114 442 ENDS.


The kitcar industry’s favourite brake pad suppliers, EBC has just announced a high-performance RP-1 race-spec pad. It’s an ultra-high-friction pad with a stainless steel back-plate and uses an NRS hook system for maximum pad retention ability and what’s more the pads are made in the UK.

EBC is also expanding their Apollo brake caliper range, with more fitments coming on-stream monthly – colours available are Stealth Black, Race Red, Luminous Yellow and Storm Shadow Blue.

For more information contact ENDS.


Great new kit for older kitcars from Better Car Lighting is this Easy-Fit Kit to flash all indicators in an accident or hard emergency stop situation.

This simple kit will work on any car with conventional or LED bulbs and on cars with or without hazard warning lights fitted. If the car experiences a hard impact or very hard braking it will flash the indicators all-round to make the situation highly visible to other road users. It also draws attention to the situation if someone hits your car while it is parked.

This easy fit kit requires just to components to mount More >


On an A-Series engine, the primary gear thrust washers are made in varying sizes to take up any play.

The standard gap size should be between 3-6 thou, but Mini Spares offers various shims (DAM6486-7-8-9-90-92) as alternatives which step up in two thou increments (which is the recommended tolerance).

Now Mini Spares has introduced a new thrust washer for the 1275cc crankshaft – part number DAM6492 – which is wider in width, to counteract wear. DAM6492 is 122-124in thick making it the thickest shim available in this range.

Retail price £29.40 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on01707 607 700 or visit More >


There are numerous instances of threads getting damaged: whacking a track rod end with a hammer; cutting a bolt or threaded rod; whacking a driveshaft out of a hub – the threaded ends get torn and squashed. Wheel studs: they get damaged just by removing and refitting the wheels… Luckily there is a quick and easy solution from Laser Tools: The External Deburr & Chamfer Tool (part number 7510).

The tool is designed to be used with an electric drill and is fitted with a ¼in quick-chuck shaft, the maximum recommended speed is 400rpm. The tool is fitted with three super-hard More >


Summit Racing carries a nice selection of BorgWarner turbochargers including –

AirWerks Turbochargers

Developed from experience with GM Racing’s sport compact drag racing program, the AirWerks Turbochargers feature ‘S’ generation compressor wheels with extended tip technology.

This design feature promotes greater airflow by using a low mass/low-inertia wheel that performs like a wheel of greater size and mass. The extended tip technology allows faster spool-up at lower engine speeds while providing plenty of boost at the top end up to 70psi depending on the turbo and application.

Summit Racing offers BorgWarner AirWerks turbochargers in S200, S300, S400/SX400, S410, and S500/SX500 configurations.

EFR Turbochargers

The Engineered for More >