If the gearshifter on your Tremec manual transmission doesn’t feel like it should make it better with a Lokar AxiShift Shifter Adapter. It lets you position the shift lever exactly where you want for smooth, positive gearchanges.

That makes it perfect for transmission swaps in kitcars and older vehicles where the shifter position is often less than ideal.

The AxiShift bolts to the transmission shifter stub. The shift lever bolts to a stub on the AxiShift attached to a pivot ball assembly that provides 360 degrees of rotation and 15 degrees of tilt in any direction. The AxiShift also gives you the More >


Laser Tools has just introduced a new spark plug service tool designed to get you out of trouble and speed things up – the spark plug thread chaser (part number 7831).

Spark plugs can be difficult to remove but they can be difficult to fit correctly, resulting sometimes in crossed threads or damaged threads. Even if the first couple of threads are damaged, any further tightening of the spark plug will just lead to further damage.

So, if you feel the spark plug is reluctant to screw in cleanly, reach for the thread chaser. It’s designed for 14mm x 1.25 plug threads, More >


These rugged electric fan heaters from Machine Mart are the ideal heating solution for small to medium-sized premises such as workshops, garages and more. Stainless steel heating elements are housed inside a tough steel cabinet with a durable enamelled finish and feature insulated handles for safe handling. They also feature an adjustable heat output with thermostatic control to achieve the desired room temperature without fail.

Models in this range are available with outputs of 230V or 400V, the high-end models in the line-up can deliver a heat output of up to 20kW with the best-selling DEVIL 6003 delivering a maximum heat More >



The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym have released Air-Con Sanitiser, a deadly new weapon against micro-organisms lurking in the inaccessible areas of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Many people wrongly view the air conditioning system in their vehicle as a summer-only feature, not realising that it should be used all year round as a safety feature to keep the windows and windscreen clear.

However, a side effect of this dehumidifying quality is that moisture can collect within the depths of the system and if it is not used for a while that moisture provides a welcoming environment for micro-organisms. Although unseen, this build-up More >


A neat piece of news from Equilibrium Kit Cars. One of their customers from Poland, Stephan Sakowicz, wanted to build an electric Sonic7.

Angus Weijers’ company couldn’t make one as quickly as he wanted, so he identified a secondhand example that he could convert instead.

Equilibrium purchased the car for him and replaced the engine for a known, clean running, standard 2-litre Ford Zetec to ensure it passed the required tests to get it roadworthy and legal on the roads in Poland.

The car was collected from the company’s Cheltenham base in January 2018 and the customer has now completed the conversion process More >


Great British Sports Cars believe in getting young blood into their workshop and their latest recruit is sixteen-year-old Will Wightman and is their new Apprentice.

New apprentice at Great British Sportscars, is sixteen-year-old Will Wightman

Will who was a student at The Dukeries Academy in Ollerton, Newark, is going to be studying Engineering at West Notts College in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire one day a week, which is due to hopefully begin in November.

Will is going to be based mainly in the GBS workshop but has already enjoyed days spent in each area of the GBS operation so as to get an understanding of More >


The new ‘Scarab’ quick-connector disconnect tool from Laser Tools (part number 7826) is a unique EU-registered design for the fast removal of two-button type quick connectors, as used on many common automotive fuels, oil and cooling systems.

The small and compact design allows for easy access in tight spaces – the tool sits easily in the palm of the hand with finger-operated leavers, perfect for one-handed operation. The soft-grip handles make it a pleasure to use.

With a length of just 120mm, the jaw width is 35mm. Compatible with the Connect Workshop Consumables range of fuel line quick-connectors.

This is the only fuel More >


I used to love a Blackjack chew as a kid. HB Sauce obviously did too as their Blackjack Tyre Slap will have you reminiscing for days gone by.

The product is a high gloss wet-look tyre dressing that unlike some won’t sling itself all over your car when you drive away. I hate that.

You’ll need to wear nitrile gloves when you apply it via a foam applicator as it will stain your hands otherwise, while you need to be careful not to get it on your wheel face either, for the same reason.

Apply correctly and you can stand back and admire More >


This Christmas, watch your alcohol intake as it’s easy to inadvertently drink too much – only to get behind the wheel the next morning and drive with alcohol in your system. One in five drink-drive convictions happen ‘the morning after’ and some of us have been drinking a bit more recently while stuck at home during lockdown! Alcohol slows your reaction time, affects judgement, reduces concentration and inhibits co-ordination – increasing the likelihood of an accident.  

The Three Wise Men: AlcoSense Excel, AlcoSense Pro and AlcoSense Ultra

The three wise men of AlcoSense fuel-cell breathalysers could guide you this Christmas. The AlcoSense Excel (£99.99), AlcoSense Pro (£149.99) and AlcoSense Ultra(£249.99)  help you to know when More >



Classic Instruments made its mark with high-quality gauges with retro-inspired designs. Street rodders and custom car enthusiasts lapped them up, particularly in the USA.

Classic Instruments also makes gauges that are ideal for you kitcars and road cars in general, racecars, and off-roaders. The Performance Series gauges pack a lot of technology that delivers precise, reliable readings:

  • Rugged, micro-processor-controlled air core movement
  • Full-sweep needle (most gauges)
  • Push-button calibration
  • Integral warning lights that illuminate the entire gauge when activated at set points you choose
  • Outputs for additional warning indicator lights
  • Analogue .5–4.5-volt output for data logging systems
  • Switch between warm white or cool white LED background lighting

These gauges cover More >