Burton Power has announced that it can now supply new billet machined alloy caps for the classic Ford Lotus Twin Cam 8v 1558cc engine.

The cap can be ordered as part number FL854 and retails at £37.96 inc VAT.

It is suitable for: Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 1963-1966 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2 1967-1970 Ford Escort Twin Cam 1968-1970 Lotus Elan 1962-1974 Lotus Europa 1971-1975 Caterham Seven 1973–1974 and it also fits the Ford Cosworth BDA 16v engine: Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 1970-1974 Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977


Available from Burton’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from or at the other end More >


Effective heat insulation is essential with any downdraft carburettor installation.

If heat is allowed to rise through the manifold and reach the carburettor, it is likely that heat-soak will occur, which will lead to poor hot starting.

Webcon has announced the introduction of its own range of carburettor heat insulators.

Superbly produced, using the latest laser cutting technology to ensure outstanding levels of accuracy, the new range is manufactured entirely in the UK and is available for the following models of Weber carburettor:

Ref                  Suits Weber                               Retail More >


Static wheel balancing. The old fashioned way. Perhaps not recommended for super-wide modern wheels and tyres, but still, a valid method for the narrower wheels and tyres fitted to many kit and classic cars.

Gunson has just introduced this simple to use static wheel balancer (part number 77162) letting you quickly and easily balance your wheels in the home workshop or garage. Static balancing ensures the tyre is balanced around its circumference, even as it deforms with speed, temperature and pressure. This reduces vibrations at high speed and enhances tyre tread life. Particularly suited to crossply and bias-belted tyres.

The wheel to More >


A few changes to tell you about at Exo Sports Cars. Firstly, the company has moved from their Nottingham city centre base with their new location being just two minutes’ drive from the Tuxford exit on the A1 near Newark. Just north, in fact.

The new facility has much more parking available and will be much easier to find.


They’ve also streamlined their model range of late now just concentrating on SVE Rocket Classic and SVE Rocket 2, while they also now only fit car engines, doing away with bike stuff.

The range of engines that they can More >


Among the exciting new products being finalised by Jenvey Dynamics to join their Heritage range is this IDF Heritage Throttle Body TDFS, which includes pre-built throttle body, position sensor, fuel rail injectors and looms.

This part is designed and completely manufactured in the company’s workshop in Shropshire. It boasts all of the many plus-points associated with individual throttle bodies, yet manages to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period IDF carburettor ensuring that if you are aiming for a certain look with your classic car or classic replica you can achieve it.

The Heritage Throttle Body is an entirely homogenous More >


Modern brake pipe cutters can be quite small and compact but there are many instances when working on the car there is still not enough clearance to turn the cutter around the whole circumference of the brake pipe.

This new mini brake pipe cutter from Laser Tools (part number 7624) solves this problem with its ratchet mechanism. Simply slide the cutter over the pipe — the handle gives excellent leverage and even if space is really restricted, a few turns of the handle will quickly and cleanly cut straight through. It is self-adjusting, so no need to keep tightening the blade More >


These rugged electric fan heaters are the ideal heating solution for small to medium-sized premises such as workshops, garages and more. Stainless steel heating elements are housed inside a tough steel cabinet with a durable enameled finish and feature insulated handles for safe handling. They also feature an adjustable heat output with thermostatic control to achieve the desired room temperature without fail.

Models in this range are available with outputs of 230V or 400V. The top of the range model can deliver a heat output of up to 20kW with the best-selling Devil 6003 delivering a maximum heat output of 3.5kW. More >


Ring Automotive, the leading European lighting and automotive aftermarket specialist based in Leeds, has announced the introduction of a new addition to its innovative range of MAGflex inspection lamps.

The Ring MAGflex range, which uses the latest LED technology combined with additional functions to provide the best lamps for mechanics and technicians, now features the MAGflex Utility.

Specifically designed for hands-free working, each product within the range has been developed with the varied needs of professional technicians, garage mechanics and car enthusiasts in mind.

Ready for anything, the MAGflex Utility Lamp, with high and low settings to provide 1000 or 400 lumens of More >


A useful and versatile new screwdriver has just been released by Kamasa Tools (part number 56137); it is a smooth ratchet screwdriver, but grip the ratchet gearbox, twist the handle and it turns at four times the speed! Great for repetitive work and the ergonomically-designed handle makes for easy and positive tightening.

The 22-piece set includes a generous selection of bits. Three Phillips bits: Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3; two flat bits: 6, 7mm; four PzDrive bits: Pz1, 2 x Pz2 and a Pz3; five hex bits: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm; four Star bits: T10, T15, T20 and T25; plus More >


Built as a celebration of the ‘Black Ariels’, the motorcycles produced in the period from 1926 to 1930 when Ariel modernised and re-invented their bikes as ‘The Modern Motorcycle’, the latest model Ariel Ace has been named the ‘Iron Horse’.

Originally coined by Vic Mole, Ariel sales manager, back in the day, the Iron Horse legend was given to Ariel motorcycles from the mid-twenties onwards. Responsible for feats such as riding 10,000 miles without stopping, climbing Mount Snowdon and crossing the English Channel, all on an Ariel motorcycle, Vic Mole was influential in the design and modernisation of the Ariel brand.

With More >