The B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame 3-Pin Adaptor is designed to convert the B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame (BGR307) into a 3-Pin hands-free measuring device.

The adaptor is produced from aluminium with a durable, black powdercoated finish and retails at £53.99 inc VAT.

For more call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


Very impressed by Carnauba Spray Wax from the marvellously-named, Mr Bling car care.

It’s an effective product good on any painted surface, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface.

An easy-on; easy-off wax that also has the ability to protect surfaces that it’s applied too, while also giving a strong hydrophobic barrier against rain. It beads well. I know because we’ve had lots of rain!

The deep gloss shine was mirror-like and Carnauba Spray Wax is a water-based environmentally-friendly product with no harsh chemical, abrasives or silicones, meaning it’s bodyshop safe.

The formula contains T1 carnauba wax and natural oils that aid that ‘just More >


Oil coolers are designed to cool the oil in high performance and racing car engines. The cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed plates. The oil-ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide air-ways, see photos below. Read more about Oil Cooler design and how they work in Merlin Motorsport’s article RACE CAR OIL SYSTEMS – AN OVERVIEW

The Castle Combe-based emporium supply Mocal, Setrab and PWR oil coolers which are oil-to-air coolers. The design of these oil coolers is beautifully simple and efficient.

Find out more here MOCAL, SETRAB AND PWR OIL COOLERS or call 01249 782 101 More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this clever Ceramic Headlamp Plug (#HLPLGCER), which is the solution for uprated, high-power headlamp bulbs.

This standard-format headlamp plug is made from heatproof ceramic with a PVC outer sheath and is pre-wired with female spade terminals on 150mm long fly-leads.

WHITE – Low Beam

BLUE – High Beam

BLACK – Earth -12V

A bargain at just £3.60.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.



The traditional upholstery or sail eyelet is used on many applications, from a host of different kitcar models on their hoods and tonneau covers to utility vehicle tarpaulin covers, and especially on boat and yacht sails.

The two-piece eyelets are readily available but how do you fit them? Reach for this new specialist riveting tool (part number 77157) from Gunson.

This is a precision-machined punch and die tool, manufactured in Sheffield. It is a traditional riveting hand-tool, used with a hammer to complete the riveting action. Each piece of the eyelet is placed either side of the pre-cut hole in the material; More >


A couple of emails into the office of late on the Kougar Sports, primarily asking whether the iconic kit is still available. Well, the answer is yes, but more on the present in a moment. Let’s deal with the past first.

Created by ex-Crosthwaite and Gardner engineer, Rick Stevens, of Uckfield and based on Jaguar S-type mechanicals. Stevens came up with the aluminium-bodied prototype in 1976 and was inspired to produce his own car after his old S-type was looking a little tired.

He reasoned that despite the Jag’s body fit for the scrapyard, if he used the sound mechanicals of the More >


We always like to bring you innovative products where we can – the sort of items that are perfect for the kit and specialist car enthusiast who likes nice things. The piece this week on the work of Flat Out Studio is one such while this one on the beautiful hand-crafted key fob work of Davide Mariscotti could really be of interest to totalkitcar and TKC Mag readers.

You’ll want one 2! Pic courtesy of Rosario Liberti @royale77

Our cars are special, one of Davide’s key-fobs could be very tempting for you, dear reader. Davide is an accountant by trade although lives More >


You’ll want one …

Some website stores are dangerous to one’s wallet! One that I sometimes cannot leave without spending a few quid is that of Flat Out Studio, purveyors of simply fantastic circuit outline prints – produced in a really high-quality and cool way.

Think of a circuit and there’s a very, very good chance that they will have a print of it available on their website.

The prints are crafted by proper designers, with unusually, all corners labelled, which brings them alive due to that extra bit of detail, giving the prints real soul. Each one also includes full track name, More >


Most nitrous oxide kits come from America and their fittings usually aren’t compatible with our Gen II Nos bottles or BOC Nos bottles.

Now, thanks to Aeroflow, the problem has been solved. It has just released a pair of Nitrous Bottle Adaptors to fit the -04 AN and -06 AN-threads commonly found on US nitrous kits so that they will accept UK/European gas bottles.

The adaptors are produced from aluminium and are CNC-machined for a precision fit.

They retail from £23.99 each inc VAT. For more details contact 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


Accusump Oil Accumulators are a ‘must’ for serious trackday drivers and racers alike.

They’re designed to prevent oil starvation due to hard cornering and braking and therefore prevent catastrophic engine failure!  Below our article shows which size, activation and plumbing solution is best for your car.    


They stock three sizes; two-pint, four-pint and six-pint (actual sizes being 1 Quart, 2 Quart and 3 Quart in US measurements).

These accumulators are available with manual and electric activation and you can find out more here ACCUSUMP OIL ACCUMULATORS & ACCESSORIES or call 01249 782 101 ENDS.

More >