There are plenty of waxes that promise to give your car a butter wet or mirror-like finish.

Most of them hail from America and some of them are really very good indeed. However, it’s good to be able to report on a UK car care brand offering such a product.

The wax in question is from Autobrite Direct and their brilliantly named Carbanuba banana-scented wet-look wax. The smell could well be nearly as a good as the wax!

It really does have an unbelievable banana scent that smells like a McDonald’s milkshake or a Bird’s Angel Delight. I like my car care products More >


2020 could be a good year for high temperatures. April was the sunniest on record for the UK and May continued to bring the sunshine.

Meaco has seen an exceptionally high demand for fans this spring, partly due to this weather, and in part caused by the lockdown with more people working and exercising from home.

It is therefore timely that Meaco has launched a new pedestal fan, to join its award-winning range of fans.

The MeacoFan 1056 Pedestal air circulator is the first pedestal fan for Meaco, developed and built following customer demand. According to Chris Michael, MD of Meaco: “Customers were looking for a floor More >


So, you’ve been tinkering with your air-cooled VW Beetleaircooled-engine, but the Bosch 009 distributor is giving you all she’s got and it’s just not enough.

A Compu-Fire DIS-IX Distributorless Ignition System replaces the factory distributor’s innards with all-new electronics that triple the spark energy going to the plugs, leaving only the stock centrifugal advance system to handle timing functions.

To support that new high spark output, Compu-Fire includes a custom high-energy, 60,000-volt coil pack and low resistance silicone spark plug leads.

The DIS-IX Distributorless Ignitions fit all modified and high-performance Volkswagen Type 1 and 2 engines and include all necessary electronics, wiring, connectors, More >


Swindon Powertrain’s compact HPD 80kW ‘crate’ motor for electric vehicle conversions is now available to order from its website. Suitable for OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, electric car conversion companies as well as the enthusiast home mechanic.

Prices start at just £7680 inc VAT for the 80kW motor, transmission and differential with options for cooling, inverters and limited-slip differential also available. Deliveries to the first customers will commence in August 2020.

Devised as a response to the lack of compact engineered EV systems available to enthusiasts and smaller OEMs, Swindon Powertrain has refined and improved the HPD’s specification since it was first announced More >


If you are liking the idea of fitting Goodridge Brake Hoses to your car but are a bit scared of cutting and prepping them, then Merlin Motorsport can help.

At their (newly enlarged!) Castle Combe Circuit-based store they not only have a dedicated ‘Goodridge room’, but they stock everything that the Devon manufacturer produces. What’s more they have got all the proper machinery and equipment on-site to make bespoke brake and oil lines quickly and easily.

Click the link to find out more about Merlin Motorsport’s GOODRIDGE G-TECH WORKSHOP services.

More from or 01249 782 101 ENDS.


Conventional rocker arms produce some sideways movement of the valve stems causing high levels of friction and subsequent wear to both stems and valve guides.

Now Burton Power is able to offer a Roller Rocker Assembly for the Ford Kent engine.

Roller Rockers virtually eliminate valve and guide wear due to their strong-arm construction and large low friction needle roller bearings.

The Burton Ford Crossflow OHV Kent Roller Rocker Assembly has a standard lift of 1.53:1 and is suitable for a multitude of applications including a whole shed load of kitcars!

The Burton Ford Crossflow OHV Kent Roller Rocker Assembly can be ordered as part number More >


Since the introduction of E5 and E10 ethanol content fuels, there has been a steady rise in cases of hot fuel handling issues. This has been especially evident in V8 engines such as the Rover 3.5-litre and 3.9-litre, where superior heat insulation under the carburettor is a necessity.

Webcon has an answer with a genuine Edelbrock heat insulator gasket to suit the Weber-Edelbrock Performer four-barrel carburettor.

The insulator is manufactured from an 8mm thick nitrile rubber composite and is available as part number 9266.

It is available from stock, priced at £44.08 inc VAT and comes with the required extended studs to take More >


NEW from Kit Spares are these cool DRL-style LED Headlights, ideal for a new build or as an upgrade.

The Crystal Halogen headlights cost just £78 per pair.


Leading suspension specialists GAZ has added to its list of GAZ ’Gold Professional’ applications for the classic TVR range, including Chimera, Griffith, Cerbera, T350, Sagaris, Tuscan, Tamora and TVR S.

The range represents an improvement on the successful GAZ Gold range. The coil-overs feature an HE15 aircraft-quality, high-tensile, anodised aluminium body, which is fitted with anodised adjusters for long-life. All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty.

Ride height is adjustable through 60mm of adjustment and GAZ ’Gold Professional’ units are bump and rebound adjustable whilst on the vehicle by means of an easily accessible adjuster knob.

The More >


DEI’s EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap provides superior heat protection and insulation for pipes and exhausts repeatedly exposed to abrasive or high impact environmental conditions.

Whether it’s hillclimbing, rally or autocross racing, off-roading or dirt track racing, the EXO Series thermal wrap is the most durable and rugged wrap on the market.

Uniquely constructed with a dual-layer design of high temp glass fibre encased in a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton, this wrap provides rugged good looks, durability and superior heat protection. The exoskeleton construction creates an air gap between the wrap and the pipe for additional cooling and allows the wrap More >