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New manufacturer, Rennwagen, has acquired the Sammio 550 Spyder and also produce their own Porsche 911 RSR 1973/74 evocation in metal or glassfibre.

They are perhaps only the fourth kitcar manufacturer to be based in Northern Ireland, Belfast to be precise and the company is run by Porsche 911 racer and enthusiast, Robin Titterington.

The 550 Spyder is an honest-to-goodness take on the classic Porsche theme at an affordable price and Robin has several excellent plans up his sleeve to further enhance the kit package, but it’ll remain a very affordable DIY build project, unsurprisingly using the VW Beetle as its base More >


This revolutionary eight-port head took the world by storm when Alex Poole took the 1000cc class and British saloon car championship series outright in 1969 in an Arden Equipe team 970cc Cooper S with the eight-port head and Tecalemit fuel injection.

Now more than forty years on Mini Spares has taken this original design and brought it into the 21st century with some internal modifications that make it ideal on modern race engines with EFi….

The combustion chambers have been increased to 21cc each to provide more a sensible

compression ratio when fitted to a large bore cylinder block, valve guides now have More >


Jenvey’s two-piece aluminium TBR22 and TBR32 rails have been amongst their best selling products for some time as they fit all the popular twin style throttle bodies – but you do need to cut and insert a connecting tube between the rails.

The Shropshire company’s new single-piece rail can be used on certain applications such as the Ford Duratec and Zetec to eliminate this problem.

Jenvey aluminium single fuel rails are available with a choice of end fittings and retail at £72 each inc VAT, while made-to-measure fuel rails are also available from £132 each inc VAT.

For more information visit or phone More >


When genuine Ford crown wheel and pinions were no longer available for the ‘Atlas’ axle, Burton Power began offering their own high quality versions and they have recently added 3.44:1 and 3.77:1 ratios to their range.

These latest additions are ideal for road-cars and the CWP sets are manufactured on modern machinery from specially selected high quality nickel steel. After heat treatment, the finished parts are individually inspected.

The Gleason tooth profile on the gears ensures optimum contact can be achieved when the gear set is subsequently fitted to the differential carrier.

3.44:1 ratio part number CWA34 £275.00 inc VAT

3.77:1 ratio part number CWA34 More >


This spring, Sealey presents their comprehensive range of offers, in the extremely versatile area of power tools ranging from detailed engraving kits to high performance compressors, and you’ll find some excellent special offers on high quality, high-spec products at comprehensive prices.

You can find up to 60 per cent in one of three Sealey ranges: Sealey Workshop – For the best value in everyday air tools. The Generation air tool range – incorporating some of the best designs in air tools to date, and the updated Premier  range – for highest performance, a two-year guarantee and components of highest quality ensuring More >


Engines tend to run better if the hose that recycles engine fumes to the induction

System is removed, however you can’t just vent the fumes to atmosphere – it would dump oil on the road/track/garage floor, make a mess of your car’s underbody and make the car’s interior stink of engine fumes…plus, if someone sees you even inadvertently dumping oil you could get your collar felt.

That’s why you need to run the vent pipe to a catch can, and Viper Performance has just released a pair of nice examples as part of their PRO RANGE.

The Viper catch cans are available in More >


Advances in both the chemical formulation of the rubber and the tread design have enabled Japanese tyre maker FALKEN to create a new road tyre that provides both wet weather grip and better fuel efficiency. Until now, tyre engineers have struggled to offer lower rolling resistance and the highest levels of wet weather grip, finding attributes to be usually mutually exclusive.  To be able to achieve this challenging balance, Falken had to look at alternative ways to reduce the heat and therefore the energy required to deliver the desired grip performance required for a European premium tyre.

The solution was to More >


Excessive heat generated from an engine block, exhaust system or turbo can easily affect a vehicle’s ignition set-up. Spark plug leads and boots can harden, burn or crack, leading to arching, engine misfire or even complete ignition system failure.

Leading heat protection experts, DEi has produced thermal protection boots for spark plugs for many years, but now they have just released the next generation providing greater than

ever protection against heat damage.

DEI’s Titanium Protect-A-Boots can withstand direct heat up to 1800°F (982°C), and radiant heat to 2800°F (1537°C) – conventional glassfibre material boots can’t take much more than 1200°F (650°C).

The ‘Titanium’ title More >


Those mega-enthusiastic chappies (and not forgetting the lasses, either!) at TEAM MEV, comprised of Mills Extreme Vehicles and Road Track Race will be busy people at Stoneleigh this year.

Not content with their ambitious plan to build a MEV Exocet during the show (May 6 & 7) they have TWO new launches scheduled – a lightweight Spyder version of the MEVX5 and the all-new MEVABUSA.

Spyder version of MEVX5 being prepared for Stoneleigh…

The former is a ‘skinny latte’ version of the standard MX-5-based MEVX5 that features a clam-shell flip-front body section and is a Spyder in the truest meaning of that automotive term. More >


Performance filtration specialist’s Pipercross, has created the perfect solution for anybody wishing to run a motorcycle engine on their kit, race or road car. Its extensive range of PX500 base plates and filters ensure a simple and effective fitment for many of the most popular Suzuki and Honda engines, allowing them to run a competition-spec Pipercross filter for optimum airflow.

The PX500 system is based around a smart aluminium baseplate, which is tailored for each application. Versions for the Honda Fireblade and Blackbird engines are available, as well as the Suzuki Hayabusa and 600cc and 1000cc GSXR powerplants. Blank plates are More >