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Edelbrock’s Elite II Series air cleaners and valve covers build upon the legendary Elite Series launched in the 1980s. Made from heavy-gauge diecast aluminum, they have a classic raised fin design with blacked-out fin recesses for added visual punch.

Designed to fit most common carburettor configurations, Edelbrock’s Elite II Series air cleaners come with a black anodised nut to complete the installation. The air cleaners feature Edelbrock’s exclusive Pro-Flo air filter, which is washable/re-usable for a long service life.

Each filter has a handy Pro-Charge™ strip that indicates when the filter is ready for cleaning. Replacement filters are also available separately. Elite More >


Mini Spares is now offering new competition lightweight flywheels in EN24 alloy for race-spec A-Series motors. The flywheels weigh in at just 3.6kg and are available in inertia starter and pre-engaged starter versions.

EN24 has better wear and shock resistance than EN8, which can fret on the crankshaft of highly-tuned race engines. The EN8 alloy, which is widely used on flywheels, is only a medium strength carbon steel but is easier to machine and is suitable for most applications.

EN24 is more stable as it is a high-strength alloy steel (nickel, chromium and molybdenum) and provides the extra strength margin for extreme use More >


MOMO has just released its new Win Pro Evo Alloy Wheel. This is a classic five-spoke rim featuring a slightly dished centre section and a combination of gloss anthracite with diamond cut spokes.

The Win Pro Evo is available in diameters from 16in-18in and four or five stud fitment and is Run Flat and TPMS compatible in certain sizes. Prices start at £145 inc VAT each for the 16in variant.

More details from 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.



FOLIATEC spray films have rapidly become a must-have car styling product, with owners making modifications by simply picking up a spray can and easily applying individual highlights on to their car’s rims.

To ensure that you are able to enjoy these cool highlights for a long time FOLIATEC now offers quick help in a can. A new product, spray film cleaner works effectively against road dirt and brake dust; by preventing the surface from quickly becoming dirty again the applied spray film is effectively protected.

The specially-developed cleaning foam from FOLIATEC is acid-free and easy to use:

400 ml cans of FOLIATEC spray More >


Here’s a good one for readers based in America…

Edelbrock has announced a new promotion they call “Supercharged Rebate”. This means that Edelbrock will offer consumers FREE Shipping and a $300 rebate with the proof of purchase on any E-Force Supercharger systems from now until June 30, 2016.

Edelbrock’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Whipple said: “We’re really excited about this rebate promotion. We believe Free Shipping and a $300 rebate is a great incentive for Edelbrock consumers looking to purchase the most well-designed and efficient supercharger on the market. Edelbrock E-Force Superchargers offer the best combination of fit and finish More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this new aluminium condensing radiator a compact 480mm x 250mm x 30mm (including #6 and #8 male unions) weighing in at just 1.165kg.

It is also supplied with multiple fixing holes in the side-plates. The radiator wears CBS part number #CONRAD8 and retails at just £96 inc VAT.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


SamcoSport® is now offering a direct replacement three-piece hose kit for the smallest of the Ford EcoBoost engine – the inline three-cylinder 1-litre, which debuted in 2012.

This direct replacement three hose turbo kit is manufactured using four-ply premium grade European silicone reinforced with Aramid fabric that allows for increases in both boost pressure and operating temperatures up to a maximum of 250°c.

The smooth silicone inner liner within each SamcoSport® hose has been designed to maximise flow and minimise resistance during the transition from turbo through to plenum optimising performance.

This kit is available in any of the 16 colours that SamcoSport® More >


On many V8 engined applications that use Weber 48IDA carburettors, clearance above the carbs can be very limited and this can sometimes prevent the use of the standard 56mm air horns.

Webcon’s new reduced height air horn is just 33mm high so ideal for applications such as Ford GT40 and replicas (the auxilliary venturi height will need to be reduced to suit the new air horns).

The new Webcon 33mm 48IDA air horn wears part number 5284051200 and priced at £30.31 inc VAT each.

They are available directly from Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.

More >


Foliatec Carbody Spray Film – the quick and easy to apply spray-on alternative to automotive wrapping film has been joined by a new accessory for Spray-Film.

It’s a sealer that is ideal for the permanent sealing of Spray Film and binds with the Spray Film product to protect it against damage but also facilitates easier cleaning.

Not only does it provide the Spray Film with extra protection against dirt and abrasion, but the increased layer thickness eases the removal process (if required) by allowing removal in one continuous sheet rather than pieces that need to be picked off.

A variety of colours and More >


Spray carpet glue is pretty useful stuff in the home, and you might think it’s equally useful in the car for fixing carpets, upholstery and headlinings.

Unfortunately, the first time you leave your newly-trimmed car out in the sun you’ll find out why domestic spray carpet glue isn’t suitable. The temperatures reached in a car, in sunshine, will make the spray glue ‘let go’ and all of the new trim will peel or fall off.

This is where Design Engineering’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive comes into its own as it’s designed to provide a secure, high-strength, heat-resistant bond to almost any surface within More >

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