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Road Track Race recently enjoyed a superb time at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed and their range of kitcars received excellent feedback from the 190,000 crowd.

The company even themed one of their tR1kes to suit the occasion and decided on a retro look. After looking at several classic sixties racecars, especially the Lotus 49, they came up with the stunning design pictured here.

Black panels were chosen to give a clean look and the nosecone was then decorated with yellow, a fine red pinstripe and lucky No.7 racing numbers.

Meanwhile, the company’s Sonic demonstrator is currently for sale, so they also More >


This year’s hot weather has sent most of us to the garage to rip off the dust sheets and get the cars out on the road. Unfortunately most classics or kitcars don’t have air-con or electric windows so you have to reach over to open the passenger window to let some extra air in – and then make an emergency stop to close it again when we get a sudden thunderstorm!

If you’ve ever considered fitting electric windows, but discounted the idea because of the level of difficulty or the cost, this new kit from SPAL could be just what you More >


We hear a lot about ‘aircraft’ or ‘aerospace’ quality parts, but these standards are rarely needed in road cars. Good quality automotive-spec parts are usually sufficient – however there are a few exceptions, and the set of bolts that hold the primary exhaust manifold to the secondary on a Cosworth YB is one of those exceptions.

The primary manifold that comes from the cylinder head is bolted to the secondary manifold, on which the turbo is mounted, by four bolts in a rectangular mounting, which are subjected to extreme heat, vibration and pulsing pressure from the exhaust.

The manifolds are cast iron More >


Gloucestershire-based Forge Motorsport has been at the forefront of engineering-led tuning improvement for decades, but not many enthusiasts know about their bespoke fabrication division. Although the mainstay of Forge’s output are beautifully-machined and hand-crafted production items, there also exists a small, but talented team that can crate literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufacturing or prototyping purposes.

Working from the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software, or even ‘a rough sketch off the back of a fag packet’, these talented alloy artisans can produce anything as one-off. Whether it be a set of titanium wheel nuts for a Bugatti EB110 or, as you More >


A direct result of Laser Tools being chosen as Aston Martin Racing’s Official Tool Supplier has been the introduction of these ¼in drive and 3/8in drive AF single-hex socket sets in both standard and deep versions.

Aston Martin race technicians specify single-hex sockets in the AF sizing to fit the NAS (National Aerospace Standard) bolts fitted to the steering and suspension systems on their cars. The face-drive six-point single hex design ensures that these NAS fixings will not be damaged during assembly.

The ¼in drive sets are part numbers 5691 (standard, 26mm) and 5692 (deep 50mm) and feature nine sockets in each More >


The MOMO MOD.30 steering wheel has been specifically designed for prototype motorsport requirements.

It is produced from high-quality aluminium to achieve maximum lightness, with a suede rim covering, which is glued instead of stitched for a seamless finish and superior grip.

The wheel 30 has a diameter of 320mm and the rim section is a slim 28mm to keep instruments in clear sight with thicker, ergonomically designed grip areas and a flat bottom for easy driver entry and exit.

The MOD 30 is also available with leather trim instead of suede and with or without built in thumb buttons. RRP with buttons £217.50 More >


Most turbo and supercharged applications now use an intercooler to enhance the efficiency of the forced induction charge, but when we experience extreme hot weather as we have done recently the intercooler could use a bit of help.

In the USA many racers and tuners use Design Engineering Inc.’s Chill Charger™ – an additive for for water-to-air intercoolers that has been designed to improve heat transfer. The maker’s say that the product will lower air intake temperatures, while also protecting the intercooler core from corrosion, electrolysis and harmful mineral build-up.

By effectively improving the heat transfer properties of the water that circulates More >


Kitcars comes from all parts of the world – currently 37 countries by our estimation – although the LMP from new Bulgarian company, Aeromaster, is the first from the Balkan country.

The stylish-looking car is a full-sized attempt at a Le Mans-style racer, in this case a Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans Prototype from 2003 and features a 12-piece glassfibre body, polycarbonate windscreen, a tubular spaceframe chassis, QA1 dampers, Renault transaxle with power coming from Renault PRV V6 engine.

More information is available from ENDS.


After years of discussion, the Allard family has decided to start manufacturing authentic continuation Allard cars once more, after a gap of over fifty years since manufacture ceased in Clapham, London, in 1958.

ALLARD JR 'CONTINUATION' first product from 'new' Allard Motor Company

The first Allard cars are being hand-built by Lloyd and Alan Allard, with the assistance of a team, including the original designer of the Allard JR, Dudley Hume and David Hooper the chief engineer at the old Allard factory; together with the support of knowledgeable Allard Owner Club members.

The first ‘new’ Allard will be an exact copy of the More >


Brilliant new pedal-box from Andy Bates at AB Performance, originally designed for the company’s Sabre G2 it also has universal applications in left or right-hand drive forms or floor-mounted or pendulum mountings.

Laser cut from lightweight aluminium this really is a top-quality package and priced from £264 inc VAT.

More from or 01449 736 633 ENDS.