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Superb new ‘plug ‘n’ play’ wiring loom from sVc, which is currently available for front engine kitcars, with rear and mid-mounted versions coming soon. A well-produced item that is supplied with all connectors and wires colour coded, offering a fuss-free solution to what can be a nightmare area for many enthusiasts. Best part is it costs less than £200.

More information from or 01827 67714 ENDS.


You’ve seen it on the TV, but where do you buy petrolhead furniture?

Viper Performance was puzzled by that very question when they moved into their new premises recently. Eventually they found a talented British designer who could produce this type of furniture and now you can buy sofas and coffee tables just like these directly from Viper.

Viper’s own office furniture features an Alfa 157 seat and an Alfa Romeo V6 block but any similar parts could be used. The seat has been removed from the car, totally reconditioned, repaired and re-stained in a distinctive red. A special ‘suspension’ frame has More >


Mac Tools introduces its connector cleaning kits, ideal for ensuring good electrical conductivity across a range of applications.

Seven Round Pin Terminal Cleaners (ET8024)

This set of maintenance tools is designed specifically for removing corrosion and debris from automotive, industrial and marine, seven round pin connectors and terminals. Used for preventative maintenance and if necessary, re-sizing both male and female connectors, the ET8024 ensures good electrical connectivity and extends the life of trailer sockets and terminals. It can also be used as a gauge to inspect connector wear. List price is £33.70 inc VAT.

Terminal Connector Cleaners (ET8025)

The ET8025 is a comprehensive set More >


Following on from several big wheel launches in 2013 including the stunning Ultra-Lite and Pro-Lite, Wolfrace is turning heads once more with the brand new Blitz 2, the latest design launched into the Eurosport range.

The familiar cross-thatch design has long been popular amongst modifying fans and remains the style of choice for many enthusiasts.

The new Blitz 2 takes the design made popular by the original ‘Blitz’ alloy wheel one step further by adding a high quality polished finished to the wheel face and rim, this addition adds a retro element to contemporary design.

Thanks to Wolfrace’s in-house engineering, the new Blitz More >


Here’s an item probably more suited to your daily driver/tin top, but we thought it worthy of inclusion…

One or two of these will keep the kids quiet on long journeys

Driving in traffic is stressful enough without the children arguing in the back of the car. Maintain the calm with the ingenious CinemaSeat that secures your iPad and iPad mini in place over the back of the headrest. Let the kids enjoy films and cartoons or play their favourite Apps while you drive in peace.

Think of Griffin’s CinemaSeat as a present to yourself, to help you achieve stress free car journeys all More >


They may already be one of the best but Hamilton Classic want to keep improving the quality of their outdoor breathable cover material to give 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

For many car owners a garage is becoming more of a luxury, plus modern garages are so small they struggle to house anything more than a bicycle. Collectors soon run out of space so more and more cars are kept outside, under trees or in direct sunlight.

Cover specialist Hamilton Classic has been providing enthusiasts with covers for many years with thirty five different sizes available to ensure a great fit for More >


It goes without saying that the Triking is not only a fine three-wheeler but is indeed, an industry icon. The memories of being hustled around the leafy lanes of Norfolk alongside founder, Tony Divey, remains etched in my memory bank. He had a unique way of becoming one with his creations and by crikey he was rapid. I have never cornered so fast and so sure-footed as when with Tony.

New, wider Triking Type 3. Still just as fab...

The company is now celebrating its 35th anniversary, although Mr D retired several years ago, and is now run by Alan Layzell.

Big news More >


I was speaking with Vortex Automotive boss, Chris Greville-Smith recently about his new V2 model and he was telling me that the new demonstrator currently under construction, shares just visual similarities with the vivid orange prototype seen testing and at Stoneleigh for the last couple of years.

Not one panel is shared between the two cars with the chassis now being shorter, narrower and lower, a wider track with longer wishbones and new track arms, while the body features more sculpted sides. LED front indicators now grace the front of the car and are an option for the rear bodywork.

Pictured outside More >


Tribute Automotive has reported good interest in the new MR2 Mk3-based RS200 replica that they are marketing for Andy McMillan that debuted at Stoneleigh back in early May.

Prices for the tidy-looking package cost £3995 and that buys all the metal and GRP parts required for the conversion and a DIY build total of around £7000 is anticipated, while a V6 engine conversion, from the Toyota Camry is also on the cards as an official option.

More information from ENDS.


We’ve all been there, struggling to get on a particularly horrid and un-sporting-like nut, usually in a dark garage always when it’s cold and the spanner lets go and leaves you with a smashed and/or grazed knuckles, which rate right up there on the ‘excruciating scale’ with stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow!

If you do manage to avoid minor injury it is often a very slow job that can run the risk of rounding off heads and the like, while often there just isn’t space to fit a socket and ease the task with a ratchet. Annoying isn’t it?

A More >