When undertaking repetitive removing or refitting of fasteners, perhaps when stripping down an engine, the use of a cordless drill certainly speeds things up. Loosen the fastener with a socket and ratchet handle then remove it quickly with the cordless drill. Make the task even easier with these socket adaptors from Laser Tools (designed for cordless drill use) which feature rotating sleeves that can be held securely while the adaptor is spinning.

Two sets are available: the 6983 set features three adaptors (1/4in drive, 3/8in drive and 1/2in drive) which have different coloured anodised aluminium spinning sleeves for easy identification. The 1/4in drive More >


Europa Specialist Spares are stockists of the brilliant Evans Waterless Coolant, which is a major step forward in engine cooling and engine protection technology.

For cars that run hot – or at normal temperatures, regardless, Evans is a superior fluid for transferring heat in engines because it remains in a liquid state until above 180°C.

Prices start at £23.99 Inc VAT with more information from or 01283 815 609 ENDS.


For a decade or more, car lighting companies have been having to cope with LED dash lighting bulbs that either could not be dimmed or which required a new and special dimmer to cope.

For all of that time, companies large and small have been trying to develop LED bulbs that will work with the original car dimmer switches, and it has been too difficult or too expensive, or both.

Now, after an intensive development programme, Better Car Lighting of Warwickshire is very proud to announce that they can now supply the world’s first dimmable LED upgrade for the ubiquitous Lucas 987 More >


These great value extra high output drum fans are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, providing a solution for fast cooling in large workshops, garages, factories and more!

This range produces an excellent amount of airflow, up to 455mᶟ per minute, allowing large areas to be cooled quickly and efficiently, with three large fan sizes to choose from: 24in, 30in or a massive 36in!

All models include two handles and are mounted on large rubber wheels for easy transportation to wherever it is required.

Main features of this range include:

Robust steel frame

Steel guard for safe operation

Large rubber wheels for easy movement

Two-speed control

Durable painted More >


Have you got a ‘really useful’ drawer in your toolbox? Well, clear a space for this magnetic wire-soldering clamp (part number 7019) from Laser Tools. Mounted on a flexible shaft, the clamps are designed to hold two wires precisely and securely in position while you solder them or apply heat-shrink.

Move the 200mm long flexible shaft into position, then adjust the two little clamps to exactly where you need them. The magnetic base is very strong and will hold up to 2.3kg (5lbs).

It can be set up on a metal bench, or in an engine bay or other areas on the More >


Ring Automotive is urging ‘staycation’ holiday-goers to put quality first when purchasing their all-essential towing and leisure equipment and has expanded its range as a result.

The National Caravan Club saw a 71 per cent increase in caravan sales in July 2020, and this summer, the new caravan owners are set to hit the road. However, Ring is warning about the consequences surrounding purchasing and fitting a low-quality towbar and wiring kit.

Key risks include the trailer’s stability being compromised, resulting in it dangerously swaying while in transit. The braking electronics can also be affected, as well as the effectiveness of various More >


It’s vitally important to maintain consistent line pressure by avoiding fluid flow restrictions and keeping a good supply of clean, fresh fluid to the pump. This is especially important if your transmission is equipped with a full manual or trans-brake valve body.

Summit Racing Hi-Flow Race Transmission Filter Kits replace the restrictive factory-style filter element with a low-restriction brass screen that allows maximum fluid flow, yet the filters can still capture harmful particles that can damage or destroy your transmission.

They’re available for Turbo 350-400, Powerglide, and Ford C-4 transmissions.

More from ENDS.


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A VERY warm welcome to totalkitcar online … Interested to hear about a brand new tyre label in the UK, which came into force on May 1.

Welcome to totalkitcar online

Unlike the old label, which according to tyre experts, customers ignored, the new one has a requirement that it has to be shown to motorists in-store – or online – so we can make a more informed decision on the tyres we buy.

Like the old one, you’ll see categories for braking performance in the wet, its fuel efficiency and how noisy it is. Like More >


News from Tim Dutton this week and it concerns new options for his Surf kits.

New ‘Kit Plus’ option for Dutton Surf

This will be ideal for customers who want to build a kit but don’t have the time or facilities to do the heavy work such as fitting suspension/axles, engine and gearbox.

Tim now offers a ‘Kit Plus’ option sitting between his ‘kit’ and ‘fully built’. They strip down your complete front and rear suspension/axles, de-grease and remove surplus rust, check all brake components then spray with Zinc phosphate, marine undercoat and black marine topcoat.

They also pressure wash the engine and gearbox More >


The Burton Power modular cover and water pump kit for the Lotus Twin Cam enables the water pump components to be easily removed without disturbing the front cover or the sump.

The water pump components are assembled into a module which can then be inserted into the front cover housing and retained with three socket cap screws. This saves a huge amount of time when replacing the water pump seals and bearings and saves unnecessary costs in replacing oil and gaskets.

The package includes the water pump module and both front and rear covers. It is suitable for a standard height original More >