This one isn’t a kit but it is very specialist and downright charming.

Not content with making the beautiful V-Sport three-wheeler, Pembleton Motor Company has unveiled the T24, their new four-wheeler.

It’s a hand-crafted, cyclecar weighing just 361kg it has vintage charms that fully complies with modern road-safety requirements.

There is plenty of twenties inspiration in the T24 not only in style but the overall feel of the thing, from its hand-formed aluminium body, drilled and riveted to the chassis and oozes traditional British craftsmanship.

An electronically managed and fuel-injected Moto Guzzi V-Twin engine is the beating heart of the T24. Combined with fully More >


Great new version of a great old tool from Car Builder Solutions is this Professional Turret Brake Pipe Flaring Tool (#TURFLARE).

The tool has a seven-position, rotating turret for fast changes of tooling for all five flare types included in the package.

It is superbly engineered from hardened and plated steel and will hopefully last a lifetime. Featuring a simple, vice-mounting while precision-machined tube grips will not mark the copper pipe.

It forms perfect single and double flares on copper and copper/nickel tube and has a large ‘Tommy’ bar for effortless use.

It is supplied with full instructions and a blow-moulded case. SAE Tooling More >


Sealey continuously expands its range of products to bring you the very latest technology in tools and equipment.

They are well known for their innovation, new ideas, quality and value. They have launched many new and exciting products since the release of their current 2019/20 catalogue, so it seemed a good time to create The New Lines Promotion – all of their latest products in one place at very special promotional prices!

The brand new 108-page New Lines promotion launched on September 1 contains over 1360 products, savings up to 51 per cent off list price inside and is valid to January More >


The new Machine Mart catalogue is packed full of all the tools and equipment you need whether it is for a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast or professional.

Featuring over 660 price cuts and new products, the new 544-page Autumn/Winter catalogue is a ‘must-have’ for anyone seeking a huge choice of tools and equipment at unbeatable value.

With over 21,000 items of tools and machinery in stores across the country and online, you’ll be sure to find the tools you need! To order your catalogue simply visit, visit your local store or call 0844 880 1265 ENDS.



Those masters of exquisite steering wheels and flying jackets, Moto-Lita, has moved recently. Don’t worry they’ve only moved three miles down the road from their Thruxton home.

They can now be found at: Unit 2, Fairview Road, Weyhill, Andover, Hampshire SP11 0ST

Tel: 01264 772 811 or ENDS.


Here’s a great weld-thru primer. It’s called 70-49 Metaflux Copper Spray and it is a high-density metal-coating that gives superb conductivity.

It also protects the inside of box-section or a seam that you are going to weld and makes striking the arc a cinch while it is said to almost eliminate splatter.

It resists temperatures up to 800-degrees C and bonds with any clean metal, steel, wood, ceramic, resin yada yada yada, pretty much any material you can think of leaving a high gloss finish.

A 400ml spray can costs £8.95 and is available from ENDS.


A plasma cutter is a properly handy piece of luxury kit for the garage or workshop.

You’ll never be worrying about how to neatly cut a piece of metal again and you’ll wonder what you did without it.

This new Telwin Technology Plasma 41 XT 230v is a very powerful but extremely compact inverter, compressed air plasma cutter that gives you fast, distortion-free cutting of any conductive material such as steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

The machine has its own compressor, so you don’t need to attach it to an independent airline and its single-phase 230-volt plug makes it More >


Welcome to totalkitcar online. 

warm welcome to totalkitcar online … Interesting new tyre laws that are applicable to the front axles of lorries, buses, and coaches, but may well find themselves applied to cars before long, I would expect, sees tyres that are ten years and older banned from the road in England, Scotland and Wales. As far as Minibuses go 10-year and older tyres are banned from all wheels.

New UK ban on ten-year and older truck, bus and coach tyres will help keep death-traps off the road.

There’s a secondary part to this with the ban also applying to re-treads anytime now. What’s More >


Here’s a simply great product for kitcar enthusiasts. It’s called the Guardsman Garage Barrier.

It is a superb deterrent that will help keep our cars in our garages should a weasel thief try to steal them. The product was designed in the UK and manufactured here too, by Image 4 Security.

The product is fitted in your garage between the frame and pier not impinging on your valuable floorspace and fits across the door aperture. The telescopic arm forms the physical barrier across the garage opening.

The piston on front of the barrier holds it upright when it is unlocked and helps downward More >


It’s a real shame I think that the newly announced Moke won’t be available in kit-form but it is very specialist and it deserves a place within these pages. Fact is whenever you see a Moke parked somewhere you’ll usually see a crowd around it.

The new version will be available in the UK until the 56 examples are sold. In case you were wondering, the Moke is 56-years old this year. The company behind it is run by ex-Jaguar Land Rover and BMW executive, Isobel Dando and have been supplying them to companies and individuals in the Caribbean, where they More >