Autosport GP Engineering, based on the Kent coast and run by Darren George, offer their take on the iconic GT40 called GT Forte, which is designed to be an affordable build.

Access to 3D CAD and other advanced processes means that the chassis tubes are all laser cut and literally slot together just requiring welding. This, of course, guarantees accuracy. A build manual is supplied with the kit package, as you’d expect but, each customer is provided with a log-in to a shared online folder where technical bulletins, drawings, pictures and other useful information is posted and shared instantly among the community.

If you wish, a chassis drawing set can be purchased at £350, with a flat-pack chassis tube set at £950. A fully assembled chassis costs £3295, with a variant for the Ford Coyote V8 costing £3595. A conventional deluxe starter kit comes in at £6995. You’re not going to build a GT Forte for eight grand but conversely it won’t have to cost £80,000, or anywhere near it, either.

More information is available from ENDS.