Latest model from DNA Automotive is the West Coast V8 and once more is inspired by an exotic supercar, and is of the IVA-exempt body conversion variety. However, unlike the company’s other models that use Toyota MR2 and Ford Cougar as donor vehicles the new model uses a Mercedes-Benz SL500 as donor.

The sophisticated German sportscar is very well-appointed and features all manner of niceties and safety features as standard such as electronic brake control, myriad airbags, folding metal roof and a 302bhp Merc V8.

I drove an SL500 once and it’s as you’d expect, and a very luxurious drive that cossets you in luxury and comfort with floor to ceiling aluminium, wood and leather, although some of the array of switches can be confusing, and the terrible satnav upset me greatly, especially considering the cost of the car.

DNA reckon that a suitable donor can be found for around £15,000. In addition you can, if you can find one, use an SL600 or SL55 AMG.

The comprehensive kit package costs £12,950 with fully built examples from £34,000 depending on specification.

More information from 0121 326 8800 or ENDS.