Liked the look of the brace of cars on the RoadRunner Racing stand at Stoneleigh with a fine example of their popular Mazda MX-5-based SR2 kit on display plus the public debut of their new LM1 package.

The Le Mans LMP-inspired sportscar is a road-legal, single-seater with centre driving position that really is rather exquisite, featuring inboard pushrod suspension and round-tube chassis, with power options being either Suzuki GSX-R1000 or GSX-R1300 Hayabusa.

Although the shapes and many elements of the car are all-new the chassis is based around the original Martin Keenan-designed Sprint-R aka SR1, a single-seater with Yamaha R1 engine that I had a ball driving at Snetterton during a totalkitcar LIVE event back in 2008. Crikey that thing was a missile that handled like a deity, so LM1 has a fine pedigree and should be a real cracker. If you want an LM1 with that bodystyle, you can have it, albeit in slightly modified form.

Clearly designed primarily for track use the LM1 can also be used on the public highway. Indeed, the demonstrator has been submitted for and passed, IVA.

More information available from or 01482 668 088 ENDS.