Interesting newcomer, announced recently, is the Arrow from FRS (2013) Ltd (not Fred Reeve’s similarly-named operation) and is the track-focused, Arrow, which has been designed with the 750 Motor Club’s Sports Specials Championship, very much in mind.

It hails from a Sandhurst-based company run by John Moore and is of mid-engined configuration, based innovatively on Ford Fiesta Mk5 (2002-2009) and uses the donor’s 1.6-litre SE (Sigma) unit, albeit uprated with spikier cams and aftermarket ECU. Moore has a long history within the motor-racing industry having raced since 1979 (“with the help of a loan from my mum, a loan from the bank and a company car!”) in a multitude of cars and championships including Modsports and Formula 4.

Moore’s intention was to give fledgling racers an affordable entry-level into motorsport, and it doesn’t get much more grassroots or enthusiastic than the 750 Motor Club’s many championships. As such it is targeted much in the same way as similar kit packages from Mittell Cars and Racekits. Incidentally, FRS stands for ‘First Racing Start’, which is synonymous with the entry-level racing intention with the Arrow.

The Arrow is not intended for road use, which means no IVA and therefore no compromises for those that want a standalone racecar-cum-trackday machine. A spaceframe chassis underpins the car with double wishbones at the front with pullrods and fabricated uprights, while at the back you’ll a de Dion arrangement, trailing arms and a Panhard rod.

Kit prices start at £12,000 with full or part-builts handled by the good eggs Steve Hills and Richard Dixon at Allied Motorsport (, themselves no strangers to the racetrack and 750 Motor Club activities.

This one looks like a very pleasing and compact new arrival and I look forward to finding out more at the National Kit Car Motor Show where the Arrow will make its show debut…

More information from or 07810 867 650 ENDS.