We’ve been following the development of the Bertini GT25 here on totalkitcar.com, along with the JAKABI JA8, and watched with interest as the BMW Z3-based body conversion has taken shape from early snapshots to the impressive finished article seen here…it’s due for public launch at the National Kit Car Motor Show, May 4/5.

The Bertini GT25 is an original design, body panel replacement kit to fit all versions of the BMW Z3, which may not be the car of your dreams in original guise, but offers superb Bavarian mechanicals and with the addition of Bertini-boss, Anthony Cherry’s GT25 kit package, is transformed.

Turn a BMW Z3 into...

...into a BERTINI GT25

Anthony’s vision is a modern take on classic British/Italian styling coupled with the reliability and sophistication of a quality German donor car, meaning that the Bertini can be used every day. I did a gentle bit of searching on Autotrader.com and found usable Z3s available from around £1000, although the more exciting ‘bib block’ straight six-powered examples (2.8, 3-litre and 3.2-litre) will cost more, especially the hot Z3M.

The Bertini GT25 can be built on any BMW Z3 model 1996-2002 and the GRP panel kit is priced at £3750, which includes seven glassfibre panels, two gas rams, mesh, lighting pack, wiring and build DVD and manual.

The GT25 retains the Z3’s doors, windscreen and soft top (why wouldn’t you? BMW spent millions of Deutschmarks developing that!), but does require the removal of bonnet, bootlid, bumpers, wings and original lighting, which can, be sold via popular interweb auction sites thus providing a bit of a handy rebate on your outlay for the donor vehicle. A sub-£6000 DIY build cost is anticipated.

In addition to the kit package, Bertini can offer various factory build options, from stripping your donor to a fully built conversion, with turnkey prices starting from £12,950.

For more information on the Bertini GT25 visit www.bertinigt25.com or call 07738 728 515 ENDS.