With today’s advancements in technology Carnauba is no longer a ‘vital ingredient’ in car waxes.

Traditionally, a high carnauba content has been used as the main selling point. Nowadays there are other, synthetic materials that have been developed to improve on the benefits of carnauba wax, while eliminating the drawbacks.

CödeClean Luxury Concours Wax is a state of the art, completely pH neutral wax and contains no harmful acids or alkalines. The ingredients are a specially-developed blend of the highest quality synthetic hydro-carbon waxes, oils, silane derivatives and solvents. A little goes a long way and having sampled it I can say that it really is ‘easy on; easy off.

A 185gm tin of Luxury Concours Wax costs £50 and is available now via www.codeclean.co.uk or 0800 048 8863 ENDS.