Gary Downes of Ford-performance specialists (nice line in Ford Ka Zetec transplants), Fenspeed has been in touch to bring me an update on his Fenspeed Sprint LSIS kit, which made its one and only show appearance at Newark in 2012.

The intervening period has seen a lot of development to the package, with a shift from Ford mechanicals to Mazda MX-5, now underpinned by a round-tube TIG-welded spaceframe chassis, with the body featuring aluminium panels except for the GRP nosecone (ally option).

Although the Sprint has been designed with Locost-inspirations, the quality of the engineering raises the profile nicely. Gary says that he hopes to have a completed demonstrator by the end of the year.

Look out for more information here and also on the show circuit next year. In the meantime, visit or 01733 319 193 ENDS.