The Speed Demon – the world’s fastest piston engine wheel driven car – has set a new record for a Class C/BFS car, smashing the old record by 47.183mph.

Competing in the annual Bonneville Speed Week, in the United States, the Speed Demon raced to 451.933 mph, setting a new combined record of 437.183 mph.

If, on a first run, the car beats the old record, it qualifies for a record attempt. It then makes a second run. The two times are then averaged and if that number beats the previous record, a new one has been set. Simple!

Powered by a 5-litre 2200bhp (Gulp!) V8 engine, driver, George Poteet, easily did enough to reclaim The Hot Rod Trophy, winning it for the fifth consecutive year.

Lucas Oil is one of Speed Demon’s main sponsors and the car’s engine is lubricated by Lucas Racing Only Synthetic 20w-50 oil, while the gearbox uses Lucas Oil L9 Gear Oil, with items such as wheel bearings and chassis, lubricated with Lucas Oil G3 Racing Grease.

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