This advanced and proven equipment enables complete suspension and alignment set-up – ride heights, camber, castor and toe angles – at the hub, without the wheels and tyres attached.

With HUBStands, set-up is far quicker and more precise than using tyres, with accuracy being measured to within 0.1 degree. The equipment also eliminates the need to constantly roll the car on and off the scales, greatly reducing the set-up time.

Every set of height-adjustable, three-axis compliant HUBStands comes with one type of multi-pattern hub plate that fits more than one bolt pattern per set. The interchangeable plates are available in a wide range of configurations and combinations to fit most makes, the majority of four and five-bolt patterns and also a small selection of hubs with centre-locking nuts.

Each set also includes four unique Toe Sticks, precisely machined to fit perfectly parallel to the hub face at the top of the plates for ‘stringing’, or at the bottom of the HUBStands for measuring total toe.

HUBStands are manufactured in the USA, machined to the highest quality from 6061 T6 aluminium and are suitable for cars up to 1700kg with an RRP of £1199.99 inc VAT with more details at the other end of (01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.