One in five motorists will be using an atlas to navigate to their UK holiday destination this year, according to a recent survey by the AA.  Instead of relying purely on electronic navigation, those who opt for the traditional methods are arming themselves with a comprehensive guide to Britain’s road network.

With the new AA Road Atlas of Great Britain 2014 range motorists are able to browse through over 136,000 miles of UK roads including 2170 miles of motorways with 705 junctions; 28,681 miles of A-roads, 18,254 miles of B-roads and 87,639 miles of unclassified roads.

A previous AA/Populus poll showed that 72 per cent of respondents had an out of date atlas leaving them at risk of missing out on new roads or places to visit.

Not only do motorists get the thousands of miles of roads from the AA Atlas but they will also find over 31,000 cities, towns and villages helping them find not only their destination but also a plethora of hidden gems to explore.

Edmund King, President of the AA said: “Relying on satnav or an out of date atlas is a potential recipe for disaster.  Satnavs certainly have their uses but without an up-to-date atlas as back up drivers could find themselves heading for problems.”

The new 2014 AA Great Britain Road Atlas range includes eight varieties with differing scales, size and bindings all fully revised and updated for 2014.  AA atlases contain a variety of information from city, town and port plans, over 300 AA inspected Caravan and Camping sites, over 200 service areas and 2360 static speed camera locations.

In addition there are two handy glovebox atlases, one that covers Scotland and one for France.

AA Atlases are available from and all good (and some bad ones, too, no doubt!) bookstores ENDS.