AP Racing has further developed and updated its popular CP5500 Floor Mounted Pedal Box range.

The Floor Mounted Push Type Pedal Box range (CP5500) is a generic racing pedal box designed with both comfort and control in mind. The technologically advanced units feature machined-billet base plates and pedals with adjustable footpads, allowing for pedal ratios and spacing to be altered as required.

Important features such as adjustable travel stops on the throttle and clutch pedals, as well as ball bearing pivots, have been retained but, in addition, the updated pedal box is now available a new contactless rotary sensor with dual input/output for redundancy, as well as a stronger throttle return spring.

The updated range features a brake, clutch and throttle assembly, available either with a throttle sensor (CP5500-605MTS, CP5500-605UTS), or without (CP5500-605M, CP5500-605U). The updated models replace the original units, but continue to include the features of the previous models. Also available as part of AP Racing’s CP5500 range is a brake and clutch assembly (CP5500-515MET, CP5500-515UNF), along with a brake pedal assembly (CP5500-535MET, CP5500-535UNF). Both of these options remain from the original range, and are available with metric or imperial threads.

“We are very pleased with the updated design of the Floor Mounted Pedal Boxes,” commented Charles Bolton, Managing Director at AP Racing. “The updates made to the original boxes, when combined with the low friction treatments, ball bearing pivots, and high quality spherical balance bar bearing, set an even higher standard in efficiency.”

As with all of AP’s products the pedal boxes have been developed to the quality approval standards of the ISO/TS 16949, helping ensure their performance and improving driver safety and confidence.

AP Racing’s products are available from distributors across the UK, while product information and technical guidance are available direct from AP Racing. Please call the technical department on 02476 639 595 or visit www.apracing.com ENDS.