Here’s a neat product for the car builder, a hose made of nitrile rubber, which is completely safe and suitable for fuels and perfect for use as a fuel filler hose.

The hose features an inner nitrile liner, and a wire spiral inside the wall of the hose allows the hose to be flexible enough to bend into angles. Simply push-fit onto your filler and tank necks and tighten with T-bolt clamps supplied.

Lengths available – 300mm, 500mm, 700mm and 1000mm and five different diameters from 38 to 63mm.
Small diameters are particularly good at bending with tight curves possible. Diameters from 51mm ID will easily make a 45° to 60° angle with a 300mm length. A length of 500mm or 750mm in a 51mm ID will allow for a couple of bends.

Prices start at £19.99 per 300mm inc VAT (approx. 1ft).

For more details, telephone 01952 670 702 visit ENDS.