We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE on Peter Walker and Gary Sanders’ marvellous new XCS Cobra replica and as our photos show (take a bow Jimbo Wallace) it really is a mean and aggressive-looking example of the snake breed.

Incidentally, that glorious moody black paint is the handiwork of the gifted Jason Baker of Lustre Coatings, who really does clearly know his way around a spray gun and the House of Kolor range. Jason, of course, built and owns the stunning Kandy-coloured DAX Cobra that starred on the cover of MAY/JUNE issue of tkc mag. Subsequent to that he impressed many at Stoneleigh this year with his stand that also featured Mike Key’s very orange Corvette that Jason painted.

STUNNING new XCS Fusion. Pic by Jimbo Wallace.

The XCS’ specification reads like a who’s who of the V8 performance aftermarket and the car is underpinned by the company’s Fusion chassis, which has been designed to helpfully accommodate a wide range of V8 engines, including big block variants, and indeed very tall drivers.

It was originally designed as an operating platform for Peter Walker’s critically-acclaimed and patented front and rear Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll suspension systems, but once they began work it was decided that the round-tube chassis was far too pretty to completely cover-up, therefore elements of it have cleverly been incorporated into the XCS’ interior.

Thought has been given to ease of build, so, for example the XCS body fits over the Fusion chassis in one-piece and it is also worth pointing out that although the XCS 427 Fusion is primarily intended as an all-new-parts build, a number of items can be of the ‘previously used’ variety, if required.

Pic by Jimbo Wallace

When it comes to braking the XCS doesn’t disappoint with vented discs at front and rear with Jag S-type calipers, a balance-bar for optimum allocation of braking force, remote twin servos and a position-adjustable pedal box. Damping comes courtesy of the guru of such matters, John Stubbs, of Black Art Design.

Steering rack is a bespoke item, manufactured by Quaife (3.1 turns lock-to-lock) and the car also features electronic power steering with dashboard-mounted control.

The demonstrator is powered by a GM LS3 V8 complete with supercharger kit meaning a pleasing 639bhp is on-tap, while the gearbox is a Tremec TKC600, so the XCS doesn’t lack for potency…

In the meantime, the company has a new website now up and running, which can be found at www.walker-partnership.com ENDS.