In less than a year 3J Driveline has made quite an impact on the transmission market with their range of gears, gearboxes, driveshafts and NXG -LSDs. Refusing to compromise on what they call ‘quality for profit’ has earned them a good reputation and satisfied client base.

Now, ‘3J’ has added an exciting new range of gearbox main casings, lids, front covers and differential carriers, cast in steel, alloy and magnesium, to complement their expanding product line-up.

3J managing director, Dan Jones, commented: “The past year has been phenomenal. The plan to deliver high quality, fresh, improved product with an excellent technical and customer service team is working well. Our NXG LSD range is growing at a rapid pace, and our half shaft sets, gear-kits and gearboxes have all been extremely well-received.

“To add our own ‘3J’ range of cast products to our current offering is a natural progression as we have ambitious plans, which I am very excited about. All I can say is you can expect more expansion.”

More information from or at the other end of 01926 650 426 ENDS.