Spray carpet glue is pretty useful stuff in the home, and you might think it’s equally useful in the car for fixing carpets, upholstery, head-linings etc.

Unfortunately the first time you leave your newly-trimmed car out in the sun you’ll find out why it isn’t suitable. The temperatures reached in a car in sunshine will make the spray glue ‘let go’ and all your new trim will peel or fall off.

This is where Design Engineering’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive comes into its own and is designed to provide a secure, high-strength bond to almost any surface within minutes – a full bond is typically achieved in up to 15-minutes.

It works on fabric, foam, vinyl, wood or plastic. Once applied, Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive dries quickly to a clear seal without risk of yellowing, making it ideal for installing carpet, head-liners, trim, insulation, or upholstery.

The bond is both water and heat resistant and therefore useful for both automotive and marine use. It’s rated up to 71°C, so it can be used wherever strong heat resistance is required such as the application of Boom Mat Under Carpet or a DEI Heat Screen.

The three-way adjustable valve allows a choice of three spray patterns and one 10 oz. can (part #010490) typically covers 15 sq. ft. More from www.designengineering.com or www.nimbusmotorsport.com ENDS.