It goes without saying that the Triking is not only a fine three-wheeler but is indeed, an industry icon. The memories of being hustled around the leafy lanes of Norfolk alongside founder, Tony Divey, remains etched in my memory bank. He had a unique way of becoming one with his creations and by crikey he was rapid. I have never cornered so fast and so sure-footed as when with Tony.

New, wider Triking Type 3. Still just as fab...

The company is now celebrating its 35th anniversary, although Mr D retired several years ago, and is now run by Alan Layzell.

Big news for 2013 is the introduction of the new Type 3 body that adds 80mm overall to width and 20mm to the pedal-box area of the car. Not sure if this is a response to the nation’s generally expanding girth or whether it is in the name of comfort and space for touring. Let’s settle on the latter!

It actually came about, Alan says due to the preferred choice of Moto Guzzi engine becoming wider and the Triking body mould becoming a bit tired and the need for a new one. While they were at it, he decided to create the larger version while also adding a few subtle changes to the styling.

The biggest bonus is that you can now remove the complete back end thus enabling much better access for maintenance while the bonnet now has additional detailing with the curvature of the body less pronounced meaning that there is now greater flexibility for matching exhaust shape.

If you order a Triking kit today there’s a six month wait with fully builts from around 10-months, with body chassis kits starting at £2940 inc VAT for the standard package or £3300 inc VAT for the wider Type 3. Alternatively, there’s a comprehensive package available at £9888 inc VAT or £10,248 inc VAT for Type 3.

More information on the wonderful world of Triking from or 01953 850 044 ENDS.