We’ve all been there, struggling to get on a particularly horrid and un-sporting-like nut, usually in a dark garage always when it’s cold and the spanner lets go and leaves you with a smashed and/or grazed knuckles, which rate right up there on the ‘excruciating scale’ with stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow!

If you do manage to avoid minor injury it is often a very slow job that can run the risk of rounding off heads and the like, while often there just isn’t space to fit a socket and ease the task with a ratchet. Annoying isn’t it?

A new arrival to the scene offers a seemingly sorted solution in the shape of open-ended ratchet-type spanners from Chicago Brand, which have a unique 30° degree swing angle, as opposed to more conventional spanners that need 60° degree.

Their interactive design creates a pry-like action of a fulcrum that transfers force to the handle as a gripping action to the fastener in question thus giving better grip. Chicago Brand’s spanners are made from 17-4PH stainless steel and won’t chip or corrode and are refreshingly sold with a lifetime guarantee.

A variety of options are available although all sizes are available individually although buying in sets offers best value for money and what’s more they come in both metric AND imperial sizes in single or combination guises in three-, eight- or ten-piece configurations.

More information and pricing is available from www.chicagobrand.co.uk or by calling 01274 660 332 ENDS.