In many countries across Europe it is a legal requirement to carry certain items in your vehicle when driving. Not having them can result in on-the-spot fines.

In the UK there are no regulations making it compulsory to drive with certain equipment in your vehicle. This makes British drivers an easy target to ‘stop and check’ by European authorities. The result is that many British drivers have been fined when driving in Europe for not having the correct equipment.

To avoid receiving an on-the-spot fine when driving in Europe, Ring Automotive has launched their European travel kit, which contains essential items for travel in Europe.

Some of the products are obvious such as having a GB sticker for the vehicle, to the less obvious alcohol breathalysers that are required in France.

Kit contents:

1 x E-marked warning triangle (ECE R27)

2 x High visibility jackets (EN471, CE)

1 x Universal bulb kit (E marked)

1 x Set of beam converters

1 x GB sticker

1 x First aid kit (CE)

1 x Foil blanket

1 x Twin pack of breathalyser tests (NF approved)

1 x Compact carry bag

Ring European Travel Kit RCT1 has a suggested retail price of: £29.99 with more information from ENDS.