Mini Spares has just released this aluminium heater assembly that comes complete with heater matrix and electric fan.

It comes with two outlets for demisting the windscreen – thus complying with IVA regulations for kitcars that dictates that require a method of demisting the windscreen, and two variable vents for heating the rest of the car.
Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for part-time track/race cars or simply for those who want to replace their existing heater with something more affordable and compact.
The heater hose coolant outlets are ½in so are ideal for early Minis, although if you have a post-1988 Mini you will need MOC210 x 2 to fit the later 5/8in heater hoses.

The all-in-one unit has a mounting plate that could be easily adapted to other classic and kitcars with only minimal work and this quality and innovative unit retails at £135.00 inc VAT.

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