Mini Spares is now offering Evans Waterless Engine Coolant for classic engines.

The product will improve cooling performance, reliability and will reduce corrosion and we’ve used it very successfully on our workhorse BMW X5 for over a year now.

For performance engines they have Power Cool waterless engine coolant, which is similar to the Classic Cool product but offers increased protection for race engines and units with aluminium cylinder heads such as the Mini Spares eight-port.

Like Classic Cool it improves cooling performance, reliability and reduces corrosion. EVANS003 prep fluid must be used beforehand.

Prep fluid (2-litre) retails at £29.96 inc VAT, Classic Cool Waterless Coolant retails at £29.96 for 2-litres and £64.96 for 5-litres, while Power Cool also retails at £29.96 for 2-litres and £64.96 for 5-litres.

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