Caterham Cars has teamed-up with workshop tool experts, Draper Tools, for the latest initiative to celebrate the iconic sportscar company’s 40-years of building and developing the Seven.

The next 40 customers who buy a Seven in component form will receive a bespoke, co-branded toolkit free of charge.

Draper Tools, an existing Caterham Motorsport sponsor, has designed the kit specifically to tackle the job of building a Caterham Seven from its component parts.

The toolkit, which would normally retail for more than £800, includes every item required to construct a Seven, including several devices not found in typical sets.

Caterham Cars’ CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “While most of the cars we produce are factory-built, there is still a demand for Sevens supplied in component form – it is a rare pleasure to build one and we have made it that bit easier and more satisfying than ever.

“Draper Tools has been a longstanding supplier and sponsor; the quality of its tools speak for themselves. They are beautifully-crafted and, seeing as the people who use them will be exactly the kind who enjoy the little details, the tools are also branded with the Caterham logo.”

Caterham’s current UK range of Sevens starts with the Roadsport 125, priced £19,995 in component form.

Please visit or call 01883 333 700 for more information ENDS.